Meet the Experts

Get to know this special team we brought along to help spread the word about our amazing yard and garden tools.

Our “Discover the Difference” tour managers Dallas, Leah and Chris share a passion for gardening and landscaping. They’re thrilled to be part of our “Discover the Difference” tour, and can’t wait to introduce people like you to our amazing PowerGear2™ pruning tools, plus our StaySharp™ Max Reel Mower, Pruning Stik® tree pruner and axes. Learn a little bit about this team below, and come meet them when we visit your neighborhood.

Why are you excited to be a part of the Fiskars “Discover the Difference” tour?

Chris: I recently moved and have started to garden more. I am enjoying being able to have my own space to grow things. This tour is an awesome way to learn about the climate and how different tools are used for different functions in the yard and garden.

Leah: Mobile marketing is a very exciting initiative and this tour incorporates a health and garden aspect, which fits my lifestyle well. At home in Los Angeles I always attend the local farmers markets on the weekend and try to be conscious of what I consume. Starting your own garden is a great way to know exactly where you are getting your food from.

Dallas: I am most excited about representing a brand that has such a unique heritage. I knew a lot of things about Fiskars prior to this tour, but I am also blown away at the amount I did not know. The history of the brand is incredible and Fiskars is a company that exemplifies brand loyalty.

How did you start gardening?

Chris: I started gardening when I purchased Thalia. She is a bamboo tree that goes everywhere with me. I bought her on a previous mobile tour and she inspired me to start gardening and learn about different types of plants.

Leah: I helped my sister out in her garden a lot when she moved into her new home which I enjoyed, but similar to Chris, I really started to become interested in gardening with Thalia, the bamboo plant. It inspired me to try my hand at growing other plants in my garden.

Dallas:  I was raised by my grandmother, who was an avid gardener.  She was very proud of her backyard and when she reached the age that her bones would no longer agree with some of the strain that crawling through a garden can cause, she enlisted my help and I hated it then loved it.

What do you like most about gardening?

Chris: I love the variety of plants and seeing the overall growth process. I treat my plants like people and give them a lot of attention. It gave me perspective and made me take less for granted. Seeing something grow and evolve is very cool.

Leah: I enjoy the growth process as well. Seeing something grow from start to finish is an awesome thing to experience.

Dallas: I am very “results oriented” so my favorite part of gardening is the end result.  The tomatoes at dinner, the perfectly shaped shrubs on a warm summer’s eve…ahh.

What do you dislike about gardening?

Chris: One thing about gardening that can be very frustrating is having a tool that doesn’t get the job done. But after using the Fiskars’ tools, I don’t think I will have that problem anymore!

Leah: The worst part about gardening is when you see something that you have put so much effort into not grow and flourish. Gardening is very trial and error and is a continuous learning process.

Dallas: My least favorite part of gardening is poison ivy/oak/sumac.  I am highly allergic and poison oak is prone to popping up anywhere and everywhere, very unexpectedly, in my home region of Kentucky. 

What is your favorite gardening tool?

Chris: I love the Super Pruner. It is incredibly easy and it can do a lot—do not underestimate it! It’s very lightweight so I could use it all day.

Leah: I love the Pruning Stik. It is an awesome concept. I have never used anything so easy.

Dallas: I am an avid woodworker and I enjoy building unique things out of wood, so my favorite gardening tool is obvious: nothing beats a good axe.

What stop are you most excited about?

Chris: I am very excited to go to New Orleans!

Leah: I am very excited to go to New Orleans as well!  There is so much to experience and the culture and people there are awesome.

Dallas: My favorite stop should be obvious for everyone. Dallas, TX! I cannot wait to visit there for the first time and introduce myself. I think it will be really interesting to see everyone’s reactions.