Meet the Experts

Get to know this special team we brought along to help spread the word about our amazing yard and garden tools.

Our “Discover the Difference” tour managers Dallas, Leah and Chris share a passion for gardening and landscaping that they discovered in their first rental homes. Now that they own a home of their own, they’ve been busy creating, exploring, experimenting and always learning as they strive to craft the yard and garden that they’ve always imagined. They’re thrilled to be part of our “Discover the Difference” tour, and can’t wait to introduce people like you to our amazing PowerGear®2 pruning tools, plus our StaySharp™ Max Reel Mower, Pruning Stik® tree pruner and axes. Learn a little bit about this team below, and come meet them when we visit your neighborhood.

Meet the experts who will be traveling the country to let you "Discover the Difference" with PowerGear and other pruners and garden tools!
Why are you excited to be a part of the Fiskars “Discover the Difference” Tour?

Jason and Kelly: The Airstream is really cool, and it’s exciting to be able to travel around in it.

The tools are awesome and we are really excited to showcase them at the various stops. The difference in Fiskars tools is exceptional and we are very anxious for people to experience it for themselves and see the reaction.

How did you start gardening?

Jason and Kelly: We started gardening when we lived in our first rental home. Our home featured a big, beautiful backyard space that our landlord agreed to let us makeover. We planted a plethora of veggies and flowers. Living in Colorado we were fortunate enough to have a variety of plants available to them.

Jason: I also recall weeding with my mom when I was younger and all the lessons I learned. One important lesson I still remember is my mom telling me that I needed to get the weed by the root, or it will surely come back!

What do you love about gardening?

Jason and Kelly: We love gardening because we’re always learning. We enjoy finding natural gardening techniques, and love seeing our favorite plants return year after year. We were able to take our gardening skills on the road with our last tour and worked with several local community gardens and even rooftop gardens. We enjoyed transforming small spaces into beautiful places and welcomed it as a challenge.

What do you hate about gardening?

Jason and Kelly: We don’t like weeds in our garden, of course, and hate it when something just won’t grow. However, we know that setbacks and missteps are part of the constant learning process when it comes to gardening.

What is your favorite gardening tool?

Kelly: I like the PowerGear® Super Pruner because it is so easy and comfortable to use. I can use it all day without my hands getting tired!

Jason: I am partial to the Fiskars Hatchet. I can throw it in my camping gear in the morning and chop some fire wood at night.

Which stop are you most excited about? Why?

Jason and Kelly: We are both very excited about New Orleans!

Kelly: I have never been there and I’m excited to visit.

Jason: I have been there but I’m looking forward to returning. Las Vegas is an exciting stop for us as well, as neither of us have been there.