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Humble beginnings

It all started in 1649 when Peter Thorwöste was given a charter to establish a blast furnace and forging operation in the small village of Fiskars.

From iron to copper

In 1783, the ironworks was taken over by the Björkman family and production focused on processing copper ore from a nearby copper mine.

The age of innovation

In 1832, Fiskars founded Finland’s first cutlery mill to increase its production range to include forks and what would soon become the world’s favorite scissors.

First in machining

In 1837 Fiskars saw another first in Finland, when its machine workshop was founded in the village and they began to manufacture some of the world’s first steam engines.

The world’s finest craftsmen

Making scissors and cutlery demanded unprecedented skills and sharpening expertise, and expert craftsmen were recruited from England and Sweden.

The best in the business

To create the world’s best scissors, Fiskars recruited the world’s finest craftsmen. This commitment to quality has remained unchanged for centuries.

Better steel for better tools

After persevering through the Great Depression and World War II, Fiskars’ management finally realized their plans to restructure the company for mass production.

Birth of mass production

The productivity of Fiskars improved when we developed new ways for processing steel. The product range expanded, and we founded Finland’s first metal spring factory.

The first orange handles

The color of Fiskars’ first plastic-handle scissors came about when leftover plastic was used from juicer production. The color stuck, and an icon was born.

Mom’s special scissors

Our lightweight, ergonomic design worked so well that many home seamstresses declared them off limits to the rest of the family and hid them away for special projects.

Coming to the new world

Fiskars’ expansion began with the founding of a factory in the United States in 1977. This provided a basis for international trade and access to the world’s strongest economy.

Over 1 billion sold

The amazing design of our orange-handled scissors made them a worldwide favorite, with over 1 billion sold since its creation back in 1967.

Amplify® Shears

Our amazing Amplify® Shears offer the familiar orange-handled feel with a powerful design that cuts cleanly through thick fabrics and materials other scissors can’t.

RazorEdge™ Shears

Our premium-grade, stainless-steel blades are honed to an ultra-sharp edge to glide through fabric, cutting cleanly and delivering the same excellent performance every time.

Award-winning design

Fiskars tools have won Red Dot Awards, Good Design Awards, Popular Mechanics Green Design Awards, Ease-of-Use Commendations and more.

An international trademark

Our iconic Orange-Handled Scissors has received official trademark protection in the U.S., Finland and Canada, ensuring that ours are the only orange handles you’ll see.

A place for artists

An eclectic mix of blacksmiths, industrial designers, ceramicists, glass designers and more all call Fiskars Village their home today.

Space to showcase

Fiskars Village boasts over 2,000 square meters of exhibition space and has become the second-largest tourist attraction in Finland.

An international brand

Fiskars Corporation employs some 4,100 employees across multiple brands and makes products available in 60 countries.

A promise of lasting quality

Fiskars’ premium products include a full lifetime guarantee, so you can be confident that you’ve made an investment in quality that will last.