2013 Project Orange Thumb Recipients

Project Orange Thumb 2013 Grant Recipients list

Grant Gardens

As a leader in the lawn and garden industry, Fiskars believes in contributing to community gardening and the healthy, sustainable living it provides. Through Project Orange Thumb®, Fiskars awards cash, garden tools and materials to help support community garden goals across North America. This year’s grant recipients are:

Noblesville Community Garden – Noblesville, Indiana

Live the Way, Inc. is a non-profit organization that not only works to institute transformative programs, but creates spaces within the community where collaboration, learning, and hope abound.  As the new Morton Street Community Garden is being planted and the land is being worked, they expect to see senior living facilities, schools, and after-school programs coming together to learn and be active through gardening. Live the Way Inc. is excited to see various generations of individuals coming together, learning, and staying active.

Franklin’s Corner Garden – Bend, Oregon

Celebrate Bend is a non-profit organization that works on community improvement projects throughout Bend, Oregon.  Celebrate Bend will be working with local organizations and schools to create the first entirely ADA compliant garden in the area. The demand for community gardening in this area is high and this new space will support local school and community needs.

Paul Revere School Community Garden – Revere, Massachusetts

The Paul Revere School is committed to creating a discovery model for all children that is about hands-on learning.  Many of the Paul Revere School students come from low-income families where local and organic foods are not a priority, or even familiar. The Paul Revere School community garden will increase the quality of the students’ education by introducing them and their families to good food and nutrition with practical experience.

Emma Park Neighborhood Garden – Butte, Montana

The Human Resources Council, District XII is a non-profit community action agency that has been working on poverty solutions in Southwest Montana for 47 years. Headquartered in Butte, Montana, HRC makes important services available to low-income citizens in a six-county area and advocates for community level change on behalf of the area’s most vulnerable citizens. The new Emma Park Neighborhood Garden will help redevelop the urban core of Butte by bringing neighbors together in a beautiful outdoor setting, encouraging social bonds and fostering understanding in a neighborhood where poverty, isolation, and mental health issues have historically made that difficult.

Montford Community Garden – Cleveland Heights, Ohio

The mission of FutureHeights Organization is to sustain and strengthen the neighborhoods and commercial districts of Cleveland Heights and to foster public participation in planning for the future of the community. The idea for a garden came about after a series of citywide meetings about sustainability and the local food and agriculture movement, and personal conversations among Montford-area residents. The garden planning has already helped build a network of relationships in the neighborhood, centered around the nurturing of local food and beautiful spaces. FutureHeights hopes that the new Montford Community Garden will become a focal point for the neighborhood and become a place where all of the neighbors, including young people, can, though the act of gardening, share in each other’s lives.

Grow Your Brain State Road School Garden – LaCrosse, Wisconsin

Parents and community members have come together to form the Grow Your Brain (GYB) garden with the mission to cultivate a community where children’s health and wellness are the priority. Through gardening, GYB will create experiences for children that promote healthy food choices, encourage physical activity, and strengthen their connection to nature and the community. The new school garden will give children access to fresh fruits and vegetables along with an investment in determining their own food choices. Each classroom will take ownership of a raised bed garden to experience the plants from seed to table.

M.A.G.I.C.A.L. Garden – Albemarle, North Carolina

Monarch organization is committed to supporting, educating, and empowering people with developmental and intellectual disabilities to choose and achieve what is important to them. We envision our agency as the leader in creatively supporting people with disabilities, helping them grow toward their potential while making their own informed choices. Monarch hopes that the M.A.G.I.C.A.L. garden will help the community bridge the gaps between people with and without disabilities as well as those from various ages and cultures while raising awareness and acceptance.

New Roots Community Garden – Syracuse, New York

Syracuse Grows is a grassroots coalition of individuals, gardens, and community collaborators working to cultivate a just foodscape in the City of Syracuse. Since the organization’s inception in 2008, they have provided advocacy, programming, education, and resources to support food justice and community development through community gardening and urban agriculture. The New Roots Community Garden will provide a welcoming, peaceful space for new Americans and opportunities for local refugees and non-refugees to engage in dialogue and build healthy relationships with one another. 

Garden of Hope – Lakewood, New Jersey

The House of Blessings is a non-profit organization that operates the food pantry and clothing distribution center within the township of Lakewood, New Jersey. The organization has been in operation over the past 15 years and is serving approximately 450 families per month with necessary nutritious staples. The new Garden of Hope is being developed as a community garden that is available to the community of clients that are being served through the House of Blessings located in Lakewood New Jersey.  Visitors and volunteers will be able to enjoy, visit and participate in the development, planting and harvesting of the produce as it comes to maturity.

Milky Way Garden - Toronto, Ontario

Greenest City is a community-based charitable organization dedicated to creating innovative projects that promote health, support community action, and enhance social and environmental justice in Toronto.  Greenest City was inspired to start the Milky Way Garden by their ESL student participants.  Many of the students indicated that a big part of their lives were spent in the fields and gardens in their home territory, and they are excited to learn how to garden in Canada while learning a new language.


Makeover Gardens

Common Roots Urban Farm Community Garden – Halifax, Nova Scotia

Fiskars’ 2013 Canada garden makeover recipient is Partners for Care in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Their proposed “Common Roots Urban Farm Community Garden” was envisioned as a place where the relationships between personal, community, and environmental health can be explored. The new 5500 square-foot garden will have handicap accessible garden beds, a community gathering space, and plenty of fresh veggies and herbs. Plans are underway for a one-day Fiskars Project Orange Thumb garden makeover in June, 2013. 

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Lansburgh Park Community Garden – Washington, D.C.

Fiskars’ 2013 U.S. garden makeover recipient is Southwest Community Gardens (a fiscal sponsorship recipient of Southwest Neighborhood Assembly) in Washington, D.C. Their proposed “Lansburgh Park Community Garden” was envisioned as a place for meditative gardening and community programming for veterans, youth and seniors. The new 8,000 square-foot garden will provide educational opportunities and give community members a place to reap the rewards of growing their own fresh food. Plans are underway for a one-day Fiskars Project Orange Thumb garden makeover in July 2013.