Ama Vera’s Garden (formerly Linden Neighborhood Garden) Today

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Ama Vera’s Garden (formerly Linden Neighborhood Garden) Today

Garden Coordinator Tress Augustine shared some of her experiences in the garden.


What is your favorite part about Ama Vera’s Garden?

Ama Vera's Garden is a wonderful community gathering place. From plays and art, live music and poetry, our garden is "alive" with culture and community. We enjoy having movies in the garden during the summer months and are very proud of the tranquility and peace that the garden provides. Our garden is also a place for learning and growing. We enjoy having all of our young people and volunteers who spend their free time planting and harvesting in our gardens learning space.


How has this space enhanced the community?

Our garden provides a place of beauty and peace in a community too often plagued by drugs and violent crime. Vera's Garden is a "safe" space for artists, children and the community as a whole. We have had no violent crime events in our garden since renovation and have noticed and increased sense of pride for the residents who identify the garden as a part of their community.


What does the future of the garden look like?

Going forward we plan to expand our growing season to year round with the anticipated addition of a small "hoop house" and outdoor education center in 2013. We will be holding our annual gardening workshops and performing arts events as well as our Linden Market in the summer of 2013.


Are there any funny stories or memorable moments from your time in the garden that you would like to share?

Every day is something new!


Stay Connected to New Harvest and Ama Vera's Garden

If you live in Columbus and would like to get involved in this garden, please contact Tress by email at , or by phone at 614-447-8810. You can also visit or like 'new harvest urban arts center' on facebook.