The Edgewood Community Gets A Garden Makeover

Fiskars, The Home Depot and Southeastern Horticultural Society partner to transform a barren lot into a blossoming garden

Atlanta Garden Makeover

Where yesterday there was a vacant lot, today the Edgewood community boasts a lush garden. Brightly flowering annuals and perennials, hundreds of delicious vegetables in new raised beds and majestic towering trees create a new gathering place for Edgewood residents.

The most amazing part: the entire transformation took just a single day – thanks to the efforts of a determined team. Fiskars and The Home Depot helped to return a sense of community back to the residents of Edgewood through the Fiskars Project Orange Thumb initiative.

A team of over 50 executives, employees, and volunteers tilled and planted from early morning to late afternoon at the garden site on June 20. The makeover included all donated labor, design time, project coordination, tools and necessary supplies. Fiskars selected the Edgewood neighborhood for this project and coordinated, developed, designed and managed the day long makeover. The Home Depot donated all planting materials and supplies for the project, and assisted with the garden design and installation.

“The Edgewood Community Garden is the fifth in a series of national gardening projects for Fiskars. We hope that this further celebrates the importance of gardening in providing beauty, sustainable food resources and a place of community,” said Paul Tonnesen, President of Fiskars.

Who will benefit from this new garden?

  •  Over 300 neighborhood members will have a gathering place, food and flowers.
  •  3 large schools will utilize the location for their curriculum. Several worships locations will provide support.
  •  2 Senior Centers will have access, so residents can remain active in their gardening hobbies.
  •  Local Master Gardeners and Horticulture society members will provide routine learning and hands-on experiences throughout the season.

The Edgewood Community Garden Makeover initiative is an extension of Fiskars’ successful Project Orange Thumb Grant program. Through grants, Fiskars provides community garden groups with the tools and materials needed to reach their goals for neighborhood beautification and horticulture education. Project Orange Thumb successfully completed a garden makeover in Toronto, Ontario, in the Scarborough Neighborhood this year, and they have another planned for the Baltimore area later this summer.