The Albert Park Centennial Garden Today


Algernon, Tammy, and Gloria answered some questions about their experiences with the Albert Park Centennial Garden that was installed in 2011.

What is your favorite part about the Albert Park Centennial Garden?

“For me it is about connecting with the people who live around the garden. What I see is people in the garden who grew vegetables who have not ever done so before, people who can now see the difference between flowers, veggies and weeds and who spent hours weeding the garden in the summertime. People who shared gardening knowledge and gained knowledge, who looked out for their neighbours.”


“Other than being able to grow my own food, I really like the central pergola as a gathering space – will be nice when the benches can be moved there to enhance that area. “

“My favorite thing about the garden is the way we can come together to get work done and how it can be turned into an enjoyable time for all who take the time to come and help(though we could do with more people to show up.) I also like the way that passers-by will stop to comment with things like" how nice it looks now" and "Its about time somebody did something nice for this community" or "I can hardly wait to see what it will look like in five years"


How has this garden has enhanced the community?

 “There are over 60 people who actively take part in the garden - there is a range of ages from 5 to 75. We have support from the neighbours and neighbourhood and most times I'm at the garden there are people walking through and admiring the change. Our local group homes are members of our garden and incorporate a visit into their daily routine. This is of course aside from the dramatic change from slough to garden park last year. “


What does the future look like for this garden?

“Future plans include planting haskap bushes and continuing to take donations of raspberries, nanking cherries and gooseberries from residents around the neighbourhood. “


Are there any other memorable moments or funny stories you would like to share?

“Preparing for the anniversary party – weeding and finding worms that the kids were fascinated with was fun to witness as well as being able to meet everyone at the anniversary celebration”
 If you live in Calgary and would like to get involved with this garden, please contact Algernon at or visit the garden website at