The Grandview-Woodland Garden Today


What is your favorite part of the garden?

“My favourite part of the garden this year has been seeing the improvement in what and how much I can grow as I gain expertise over the last three seasons. I loved having greens first thing in the spring to enjoy in wonderful salads.”


How has the garden enhanced the community?

“The garden has enhanced the community by providing a place where people that live and work in the area can come to sit and enjoy their lunch in the fresh air. One of the people that does that was supportive of providing us with some funds to build the new plots and the new compost bins under construction.”


What does the future of this garden look like?

“We would like to expand the garden further, in order for more neighbours to be able to participate in growing their own food. We will discuss this in our yearly AGM meeting in October and look at how that might be funded.”


Are there any other funny or memorable moments from the garden that you would like to share?

“Our newest member , a young man who is developmentally disabled provided me with inspiration this summer as he has become one of our main maintenance people, showing up to cut the lawn rain or shine!”


If you live in East Vancouver and would like to get involved with this garden, please contact Christine at