Success in Southwest Washington DC Community Garden

Lansburgh Park, Washington DC

Less than one year ago, few Southwest DC residents visited Lansburgh Park, or even knew what it was. This inspired Southwest (SW) Community Gardens, the Southwest Neighborhood Assembly (SWNA) and DC Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) to make plans to breathe new life into what they saw as an undeveloped space with great potential.  

Lansburgh Park, Washington DC - before

Being selected as the 2013 Project Orange Thumb garden makeover recipient gave SW Community Gardens the momentum they needed to turn their community garden plans into a reality. Prior to the one-day garden makeover, DC DPR helped excavate the site and install irrigation, a fence and 13 raised garden beds. With a level foundation and water accessibility, over 100 volunteers gathered in Lansburgh Park in Southwest DC on July 31, 2013 to help transform the rest of the undeveloped space into a beautiful and productive community garden.

Lansburgh Park, Washington DC - First Dig

During the one-day garden makeover, volunteers built 19 raised beds as well as two wheelchair accessible pedestal beds and two compost bins. They moved 43 cubic yards of soil and planted over 500 plants and seeds. Many hands made light work and the garden came together quickly, giving volunteers the opportunity to take breaks to join the neighborhood youth in a game of basketball on the newly renovated courts adjacent to the garden, learn about how to use different Fiskars garden tools and enjoy a well-deserved ice cream break.

Lansburgh Park, Washington DC - Speeches

Volunteers celebrated the new garden’s completion with a ribbon cutting ceremony attended by local City Councilor Tommy Wells. Additional ribbon cutting speakers included Paul Tonnesen, Fiskars President and Crysta Norris, local Home Depot Store Manager who recruited 56 local Home Depot employees to participate in the garden makeover; as well as Jesus Aguirre, Director of DC DPR; Kael Anderson, President of SWNA; and Kamilla Kovacs, President of SW Community Gardens.   

Lansburgh Park, Washington DC - ribbon cutting

SW Community Gardens will maintain the garden in the future and manage the coordination of rented and communal plots. Communal plots will be used for educational programming to teach Southwest DC residents how to grow their own healthy food.

Lansburgh Park, Washington DC

The new community garden is just one way that local community groups plan to make Lansburgh Park a safe, sustainable and welcoming place for neighborhood residents to use for years to come.

Lansburgh Park, Washington DC - Planting


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