Kaleidoscope Border Punch
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  • Kaleidoscope Border Punch

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    Embellish any project with the perfect border.

    Add wow factor to craft projects with the help of an easy-to-use Border Punch. Available in a variety of styles, Border Punches create perfect repeating borders on virtually any type of paper. An easy-to-use design with an oversized punch handle and a silhouette pattern on the punch base makes adding a perfectly spaced border to any craft project quick and mistake free.


    • Ideal for creating repeating borders on a variety of paper craft projects including scrapbook pages, homemade cards and more
    • Oversized punch handle is easy to depress
    • Silhouette pattern on punch base makes it easy to align your pattern for a perfectly spaced border
    • For best results, use on 65-lb. cardstock and lower
    • Lifetime warranty


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    • Border Punches
        • How do I use my Border Punch?

          To use a Border Punch, follow these simple steps:

          • Center paper and slide it into the Border Punch, making sure it is flush to the back of the punch
          • Push the oversized handle down all the way to cleanly punch the paper
          • While paper is still in the punch, slide it right or left until the pattern that was just punched lines up with the silhouette pattern on the punch base
          • Punch again by depressing the handle just as on the first punch
          • Continue to slide the paper to the right and left, always making sure to align the pattern that was just punched with the silhouette pattern on the punch base
          • Continue to punch and slide the paper until the border is complete

          For best results, use your Border Punch on 65-lb. cardstock and lower.

        • How do I turn corners with my Border Punch?
          • Insert one side of the corner of the paper even with the corner notch indicated on the punch
          • Punch by depressing the handle
          • Flip the paper upside down, turn it 90 degrees and insert the other side of the corner so it is even with the corner notch on the punch
          • Punch by depressing the handle

          Note: Not all Border Punches turn corners effectively. For best results when punching borders and corners, try one of our Border and Corner Punches.

        • How do I create decorative ribbons with my Border Punch?
          • Cut strips of paper (strips 3/4" wide typically look best with most Border Punches)
          • Punch along the length of the strip using standard Border Punch operational steps
          • Turn the strip around and punch the other side in the same way in order to create a symmetrical ribbon design
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