Round 'n Round Twist and Flip Corner Punch

Round 'n Round Twist and Flip Corner Punch

  • Item: 114480-1001


This unique punch makes it easy to add large or small corner designs to craft projects.

Our Twist and Flip Corner Punch easily switches back and forth between large and small corner designs to offer creative versatility. An easy lift-and-twist tab makes it a snap to change designs, and a sculpted shape fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. It punches cleanly every time for consistent results, and it’s conveniently sized for easy storage and transportation.


  • Ideal for adding large and small decorative corner designs to cards, invites, scrapbook pages and other papercrafts
  • Easily switches between large and small corner designs
  • Sculpted shape fits your hand for comfortable use
  • Punches cleanly every time for consistently great results
  • Conveniently sized for take-along projects, crops and storage
  • For best results, use on 65-lb. cardstock and lower
  • Lifetime warranty


  • What does "Lifetime Warranty" mean?

    Fiskars products are warranted to the consumer purchaser to be free of defects in material and workmanship for as long as the consumer owns the product. Warranty does not cover sharpening, normal wear and tear, environmental factors, accidental damage, misuse, industrial/commercial use.


    At Fiskars Brands, Inc.'s option, defective product will be repaired, replaced or substituted with a product of equal value. For more details, call Fiskars Brands, Inc. at 1-866-348-5661. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights, which may vary from state to state.


    If you feel you have a defective item, please visit our Customer Service page to review the options for submitting a warranty claim.

  • Does Fiskars® have an Angel Policy regarding use of crafting tools?

    Yes, we do. The Permitted Use of FISKARS® Craft Tools and Proprietary Craft Designs are as follows:


    Fiskars Brands, Inc. manufactures and sells a wide range of FISKARS® branded craft tools, fully anticipating that our innovative customers will use these tools to create decorative and functional items. Customers need not secure the prior consent or approval of Fiskars Brands, Inc. to use our FISKARS® branded craft tools to make their own unique and original creations, even if these unique and original creations are sold to others.


    Fiskars Brands, Inc. will occasionally make available to our customers suggested designs or sample projects (“Craft Projects”) utilizing our FISKARS® branded craft tools. Our customers are granted a limited license to create the products described in our Craft Projects for personal use and also limited commercial use. Customers are free to sell products resulting from the Craft Projects up to a maximum of 100 products; sales beyond this limit must first be approved in writing by an authorized representative of Fiskars Brands, Inc.

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I needed a corner punch to replace one that after many years had become to dull and jammed. I hesitated when I found this one because I could not tell from the packaging if it actually cut an inside or outside curve on the corner. When I finally confirmed that it cut the kind of corner I needed, I opened the package to give it a try. Only after I found the instructions on line was I able to figure out how to use it. From the very beginning, it only cut very poor corners. They were ragged and poorly aligned.Since I drove 25 miles each way to find it, I will not return it, but I surely will not buy another Fiskers brand corner punch. I would rate it zero if that were possible.


Useless , awkward to use and I got about a dozen odd shaped cuts before it completely jammed up . Going back to the shop for a refund !


I bought this at AC MOORE last week as my other very reliable, simple, easy to use corner rounder finally bit the dust after many years. I saw this product on the shelf, saw the Fiskers name, figured it would be a good buy but oh, how wrong I was. First of all, it was difficult to figure out how to use -- I had to turn it upside down in order to see how to feed the paper in. Then, I had to hold the paper with my right hand, and use my left hand to punch. I was able to punch maybe 9 pieces of paper before it starting jamming up. Then I had to figure out how to empty it. This is a ridiculous design flaw. I mean seriously -- you either have to shove an Xacto knife in there and try to dislodge the slivers of paper or turn the punch on its side and beat it against something. Once I figured out how to empty it, I thought maybe I could use it more effectively but no, then after another 18 or so pieces of paper, the thing completely jammed up. It wouldn't release my paper. I had to turn it upside down and beat it against my desk before the punch released and I was able to free my now ruined piece of paper. The spring or whatever inside that enables it to punch is completely jammed now. I had used Fiskers border punches in the past -- 11 years ago, actually -- while making my wedding invitations and went through several punches because they too kept breaking. I thought MAYBE in the last decade Fiskars had figured out how to make a decent quality punch that didn't fall apart within 30 minutes. Obviously, I was mistaken. I will be returning this piece of junk to AC MOORE and getting my money back and buying the ol cheap variety of corner rounder punches. At least those don't require any cleaning via Xacto knife and/or banging it against a desk to get it to release the paper. What a poorly designed product. I wish I'd read reviews beforehand because I can see I am not alone in my thinking or in the poor performance of a product from what is supposed to be a company known for quality products.


I am really disappointed by this product. It barely cuts a corner, comes with no instructions and got jammed the first time I used it. I am better off buying a $17 corner cutter because at least I know how it is used. Do not waste your money buying this as it is not worth it. Usually Fiskars is a good brand, but it fails with this product.


I got this because it has two different kinds of corners. I prefer this type where you squeeze to make the corners to the kind where you press down. It worked well holding it in my left hand and feeding it from my right. If I held it in my right hand it was hard to feed it in with my left because you can't see the slot on that side. Once I figured out how to punch, I had no problems making good corners.However, I spend more time empyting the scraps with a paper clip than actually punching. Why is there no removeable tray????


I fussed and fussed with this punch for an hour, thinking that I just wasn't understanding how to work it...since the so called "directions" were seriously lacking. Finally, after completely giving up, I asked my son-in-law who is very handy with tools to see if he could figure it out. He kept trying to get it to work, all the while, my daughter (our Boss) is saying not to bother, if it is that hard to even figure out how to work it, then how can we really depend on it when we are working on a order. We have company that creates custom designed paper products for clients having events, special occasions and/or company promotional items. I was still trying to have faith in Fiskars, thinkling maybe this one was just defective, when I went to the website and after reading about so many other people complaining about the very same issues, I realize that this product should NOT BE IN PRODUCTION AT ALL OR BEING SOLD IN STORES UNTIL, they (Fiskars) works out the oibvious problems with the design or scraps it completely!!! Frankly, it sucks and I am shocked that a company like Fiskars would actually put something out to be sold to customers that clearly does NOT work. So beyond disappointed!!! This is not what I have come to expect from a brand like Fiskars, who has been around for so long and has great products (USUALLY)!


I just bought this product at Michael's and it has no instruction on the back "How" to use it. I tried to figure it out and came up with NOT the corner rounder that I wanted. I am planning on taking this back to Michael's. What happened to the days that a "corner punch" was just that and not some kind of large mechanical tool. Are there companies making the simple kinds....I had a EK one that lasted a very long time....will go on-line to see where I can buy a "simple" corner rounded.


This product is AWFUL! DO NOT waste your money. I've had the same problems as everyone else--and worse. I usually can only get it to punch a tiny, weird scallop--on both sizes. This product should not be on store shelves, period. I'm giving it one star, because zero stars is not an option.


Had the same problems as everyone else but Jan in Fiskars's Customer Service replaced it with another model that workes. Thanks.


VERY DISAPPOINTED & DIFFICULT TO USE - NO INSTRUCTIONS AND NOT OBVIOUS WHERE TO PLACE THE PAPER. EXPECT BETTER FROM FISKARS. (I Have an x-acto punch that is a breeze to use because it is very apparent where & how to feed the paper. Sorry I spent the money on this.)


The first time I tried this product it took a long time to figure out. Once I did, I found the punch was not clean and often bent my card stock. I thought my material was too thick, so I tried a sheet of computer paper. Although I got a better result, the punch was still inaccurate. I've never had this problem with other Fiskars products in the past. I'll be returning this one.


Very disappointed. No instructions included and alignment with the corner is difficult and inconsistent. Cuts a weird scallop most of the time, not a clean round at either setting. Leaves punch-out all over the desk and floor because there is no easy way to empty the catch. Considering returning it for refund.


The large rounder is fine. The small is EXTREMELY difficult and VERY inconsistent. Clumsy design, tough to get paper squarely inserted, and often the small rounder tears out the paper or gives an offset punch. After practicing with this literally dozens of times, I still only get about 1 out of 4 good punches with the small rounder. Absolutely not worth the risk using good paper/photos.


This item jams up after each picture. There is not enough room inside the item for the scraps to fall out and I find I have to slide a very thin knife in to clear the jam. I would not recommend this item

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Round 'n Round Twist and Flip Corner Punch

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