Three piece Eyelet Setter Set

Three-piece Eyelet Setter Set

  • Item: 12-31337097J


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Three sizes make it easy to punch holes and set eyelets with no hammer required.

Our spring-loaded Eyelet Setters make it quick and easy to punch holes and set eyelets without ever reaching for your hammer to drive it through the paper. Simply place the hole punch (gray/white end) on the paper, grasp the gray/white grip with one hand, pull the orange grip straight up and release. The spring-action design will punch a clean hole in your paper. Then just place the eyelet in the place setting tip (orange end), grasp the orange end with one hand, pull the gray/white grip straight up and release to insert your eyelet.


  • Ideal for punching holes and adding eyelets to accent cards or scrapbook pages, or to reinforce ribbon ties
  • Punches hole with spring-loaded force to eliminate the need for a hammer
  • Holds eyelet for easy insertion
  • Punch sizes: 1/16", 1/8" and 3/16"
  • Lifetime warranty


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Three piece Eyelet Setter Set

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