Fuse Creativity System Adapter Kit

Fuse Creativity System Adapter Kit

  • Item: 102060-1001


Add this Adapter Kit to use dies and plates from other systems with the Fuse Creativity System.

This Adapter Kit includes everything you need to use dies and plates from other systems with the Fuse Creativity System® so you can still get plenty of use out of the products you already own. It includes a base plate, three specially designed shims, a rubber mat and a cutting plate — everything you need to create the correct thickness to run your existing dies, letterpress plates or embossing plates through the Fuse Creativity Machine. The Adapter Kit even includes step-by-step instructions for using the correct components with dies and plates from different brands. Works with components from a wide variety of crafting systems already on the market.


  • Ideal for using your existing dies and plates from other systems with the Fuse Creativity System®
  • Includes base plate, three shims, rubber mat and cutting plate to create the perfect “sandwich” thickness when using other dies and plates with our system
  • Step-by-step instructions let you know which pieces to use with which dies and plates from other systems
  • Works with dies and plates from LifeStyle Crafts™, Sizzix®, Stampin Up®, Provocraft®, Spellbinders® and Accuquilt®
  • Also works with Fiskars® Texture Plates


Download Fuse Adapter Kit Recipes Instructions

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Since Fiskars hasn't yet started making a lot of large dies to go with their large die capability, I looked to Sizzix for an envelope die I wanted. Since this item says you can use it with the Sizzix Big Shot Pro, I purchased it to make the Sizzix die I needed work with my Fuse. One would assume that if Fiskars says the Fuse Adapter Kit works with the Sizzix Big Shot Pro dies, said adapter kit would be large enough to handle the Big Shot Pro dies. This is not the case. The adapter kit is about 7 inches wide by 13 inches long. The Big Shot Pro dies are about 12 inches square. Why in the world would the adapter kit that is supposed to let you use large sized dies from other companies NOT be the full width of the rollers? Being 13 inches long when the roller opening is only 12 inches means it can only be put into the machine one way. My working solution so far has been to run every cut through the machine twice: once with the adapter shims and cutting plate on one side of the die, with cardboard to protect the rollers from the die on the un-cutting-plated side (ask me how I learned that lesson). Then I shift the shims and cutting plate to the uncut side, replace the cardboard on the now-cut side, and roll it through again. If you wind up having to do the same, take care to move the paper itself on the die as little as possible, but it will likely not be perfect and you'll wind up with little slivers of paper where the cuts overlapped. Fiskars, make a full sized adapter kit, and quit advertising this one as such. This is ridiculous.


I received my adapter kit this morning (very quick delivery).. I have tried all the sandwiches.. Works perfect. I am so happy that I now can use one machine for all my needs.. Love it

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Fuse Creativity System Adapter Kit

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