Retractable Fingertip Detail Knife

Retractable Fingertip Detail Knife

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Designed to maximize control and sensitivity while providing safer storage.

Our Retractable Fingertip Detail Knife features an ergonomically sculpted finger-loop handle for unmatched control, sensitivity and comfort, an ultra-sharp blade perfect for cutting designs in tight spaces or trimming straight edges, and a sliding switch that retracts the blade for safer storage. It even includes a slightly longer reach than our original Fingertip Detail Knife and a hang clip for convenient storage or to wear on a lanyard for the crafter on the go. This specialized craft knife is ideal for cutting intricate details on a wide range of lightweight materials. Choose our Retractable Fingertip Detail Knife for a combination of performance and safety other craft knives can’t provide.


  • Ideal for cutting intricate details on paper, cloth, chipboard, overlays and other lightweight crafting materials
  • Ergonomically sculpted finger-loop handle acts as a place to rest your finger for maximum control, sensitivity and comfort
  • Handle shape prevents knife from rolling off the table
  • Sliding switch retracts the blade for safer storage
  • Longer reach than our original Fingertip Detail Knife positions your hand away from the project for improved control
  • Hang clip provides convenient storage and makes it easy to wear this craft knife as a lanyard
  • Replacing the blade is easy and takes only moments
  • Five-packs of replacement #11 blades are available (item# 96017197)
  • Lifetime warranty


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  • Retractable Fingertip Detail Knife
      • How do I use this craft knife?
        • Slide index (pointer) finger through the loop
        • Grasp the knife’s handle just like a pen or pencil
        • To cut, move the knife over material just like a pen or pencil
      • How do I change the blade?
        • Turn the metal neck counter-clockwise to loosen the old blade
        • Carefully remove and discard old blade
        • Insert new #11 standard blade into the neck
        • Push the blade in completely and align it with the neck
        • Tighten the new blade by twisting the metal neck clockwise
        • Make sure the blade is positioned with the cutting edge toward the paper
      • What else should I know?
        • For best results, always use a sharp blade
        • Reposition your paper to avoid cutting at awkward angles
        • Be sure to apply the safety cap when the blade is not in use
        • Always use a craft mat when cutting
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Retractable Fingertip Detail Knife

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