SureCut™ Deluxe Craft Paper Trimmer (12")
  • Making the Perfect Edge

  • SureCut™ Deluxe Craft Paper Trimmer (12")

    • Item: 152490-1006


    Large-deck trimmer provides cutting precision for the full spectrum of craft projects.

    Whatever the project, our SureCut™ Deluxe Craft Paper Trimmer gets the job done with precision. The SureCut™ wire cut-line indicates exactly where the blade will cut your paper, photo, scrapbook page or specialty material. Our patented TripleTrack™ System interlocks the blade and rail for straight, precise cuts every time. This deluxe trimmer includes the widest base on the market and a self-leveling swing-out arm that extends the measuring deck to over 15" to manage all your extra-large crafting material. A permanent scale and grid cutting mat helps ensure cutting accuracy. An ergonomically designed, high-profile blade carriage is easy-to-grip to help you make accurate cuts quickly. It even includes a lightweight design, so it’s easy to carry this trimmer along to your next big crafting event.


    • Ideal for cutting a wide variety of crafting materials including paper, photos, scrapbook pages or specialty materials
    • Widest base on the market (6 1/4") makes card cutting easier than ever
    • SureCut™ wire cut-line makes it easy to see where blade will cut for unmatched accuracy
    • Patented TripleTrack™ System interlocks blade and rail for cuts that are straight and steady, never curved or wobbly
    • Self-leveling swing-out arm extends the measuring deck to over 15" to cut extra-large crafting materials with precision
    • Permanent scale and grid cutting mat is printed from underneath to last
    • 1/16" gridlines provide an additional guide for precise measuring
    • Expanded cut rail with integrated smudge guard holds paper or photos in place without fingerprints
    • High-profile blade carriage is easier to grip than other trimmers
    • Rubberized feet provide stability
    • Cuts multiple sheets of paper at once
    • Works with either high profile or low profile TripleTrack™ blades, style I
    • 12" cut length
    • Lifetime warranty


    • How do I change the blade on my portable paper trimmer?
      • Slide the blade carriage down the rail to the blade removal groove
      • As you near the groove, begin pulling the blade and it will slip out
      • Set the new carriage into the groove, slide it up the rail and you’re ready to cut
      • Note: Works with TripleTrack blades, style I

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    I bought this trimmer because I make cards and other crafts and liked that it was easy to read. On my 4th time to use it, the blade kept falling out and on the 5th time not only is the blade falling out but the wire broke. Its after hours so I will call tomorrow for a replacement wire and from all the other reviews I'm sure I will get great customer service, just a little disappointed I have not had a straight cut and perhaps its because of the blade not fitting tight. I will post a new review after I have contacted customer service.


    I am deeply disappointed in the Fiskars cuttters. I bought one at Target that included two cutting blades. I went through both within one to two weeks. I returned the cutter to the store. Then I went to Micheals and purchased the large deck trimmer which only included one blade. Within two days this blade is tearing my papers. I put in a refill blade. It has been 3 days and this blade is tearing my papers. I like the format and layout of this trimmer but will be returning it to Micheals. Do not buy this cutter unless you can afford to replace your blades at least once a week :(


    I love the fikars 12"cutting board but I only Had it less than a mouth and the wire broke by looking at all the reviews it lookes likethat need to improve the wire problem other than that I love the product


    This was such a perfect cutter for a person who scraps and makes cards that I bought two, one for home and one to take. The only problem was that I went through a lot of blades. I thought the titanium would help, but it didn't. In fact I think they went even faster. Now I suspect it was because they were cutting the wire more deeply because that is when I discovered the frayed wire. Customer service is excellent and they sent me replacement bars for both. Unfortunately the very first time (After I finally managed t get it replaced)the new wire didn't just fray-it popped in two. Again, great customer service BUT they offered to replace the cutter with a rotary cutter.First I do not like rotary cutters in general-I own several-because you can't see as clearly where you are cutting, but the BIG problem is that the platform is not 6 inches wide and those of us who make cards know that having the joint for the arm at 5.5 pretty much makes it impossible to make an accurate cut for a card front. I also use the 6 inch mark a lot. SOOOO it doesn't work. Why can't someone figure out how to make a cutter that works with a 6 inch platform. FRUSTRATED


    I broke the wire on my trimmer and called the 1-800 number for customer service. I gave the lady my name, address, and told them how many inches my trimmer was. THAT WAS IT! It took 2 minutes, no holding whatsoever, and I have a new part on the way! I'M SO IMPRESSED BY FISKARS CUSTOMER SERVICE. THANK YOU.

    Carol 12/30/2013

    I'm a big fan of Fiskars...have used their products for years. Because I use a cutter almost every day for making cards. I purchased the Sure Cut Deluxe Craft paper trimmer since it seemed to have all the needed features. I especially love the wire for fining up my edges. I am discouraged that the blade shreds the wire, however. But as long as Fiskars stands behind it and replaces the part, I'll continue to love it and buy from Fiskars. It's just a little inconvenience viewing the bigger picture of its better features.


    I love this trimmer. I have had it for a year with no problems at all. Yes the wire does wear out as does all trimmer parts and you have to replace it with a new rail. Definitely the best trimmer I have ever used.


    I have had this trimmer for a few years and have used it quite often. Overall, I am very happy with this trimmer, having upgraded from a smaller version so that I could do larger projects with ease. I have not had any issues with the wire being cut on mine, but I have had a couple of instances of the blade popping out along the guide when I wasn't putting enough pressure on it as I cut. As the blade gets dull with use I've had some issues with less sharp cuts, but I just slice through fewer sheets at a time until it's time to replace the blade.


    This paper trimmer has not been the best purchase for me. It started out doing fine and 2 weeks into using it, I am not getting straight cuts at all. When I am working with certain projects that I need straight even cuts, I am really having a very hard time getting an even straight cut from one edge to the other. I love Fiskars products but am very disappointed in this one.


    I ordered and received my trimmer, all excited about using it, but, alas, no directions! When I tried to use it, the blade doesn't descend. Bummer


    I, like many folks, loved this trimmer, until it stopped working well. It seems there is a design flaw that is well known to Fiskars, wherein the cutting blade also trims the wire. Call their customer service and they very quickly offer to send you a replacement "ruler" which is the part that contains the cutter. I am certain the problem will occur again, and I assume each time it does, you can for a replacement. Inconvenient, yes, but they are standing behind their product and told me they are working on a new design. While I await the new part, I will cut the wire and remove it so I can continue to at least use my cutter. Great customer service.


    This is a wonderful concept, but the wire started fraying right away. Also, I tried cutting 2 pieces of card stock at once and the cut was not as crisp. It does do excellent on one piece. I do have to say I love the idea of the guidelines. I would also like to add that I have used Fiskars products for many, many years and this is the first product I have ever had a problem with.


    Bought this from a local craft store. It lasted less than 6 months until the wire started fraying. For this much money, I expected it to last at LEAST a year, if not several years. In that time I have gone through 3 blades, so I of course use it a lot for crafts and projects. I'm incredibly unhappy it's now unusable. I've tried to figure out a way I could replace the wire, but it appears to be complete encased in plastic. Other than that, it's in fantastic condition still. I haven't had the same issues as the other reviewer who states the blade falls out. If used on a flat surface and holding it down properly, it works flawlessly.....until the wire ultimately frays.


    First day I used it the blade caught on the wire, ripped the wire, and damaged the blade. No replacement wires anywhere, and I have to get a new blade. Wish I'd saved the packaging and the receipt.


    I have used the smaller Fiskars trimmer for years and have had no problem. I wanted a larger one because it would help in making my cards. I purchased this trimmer since it sounded like it would be what I needed and it would if the blade stayed in the slide and would not tear the paper. The blade falls out at any place on the groove, even while I am cutting the paper. It is supposed to have a titanium blade, but it sometimes causes ragged edges on the card stock I cut. I am not happy with this trimmer. I usually go back and use my smaller one or my guillotine cutter. A lot of money for a trimmer that doesn't perform well.

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