Happy Birthday to You Card

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Happy Birthday to You Card

Trim a turquoise blue cardstock to a 3.5" x 12" size.  Fold it in half to create a top-folded card base.

Adhere a 2" x 3.5" green dot patterned paper to the bottom edge of the card.

Measure the exact center of the width of the bottom of the card and mark a point 1" from the bottom edge.  Draw a line to from the left and right bottom corners to that center point.  Cut with scissors to create the banner card shape.

On a 1/2" x 3.5" light green cardstock strip, stamp the "happy birthday to you" sentiment using brown ink.  Add it to the card horizontally on the dotted paper as shown.

Punch two pieces of the flower design with yellow cardstock.  Adhere them vertically in the center of the card using foam adhesive.  

Place blue rhinestone stickers in the center of each flower.

With green/white baker's twine, wrap the top fold of the card twice and tie a bow.