Stamped Subway Art – Birthday Frame

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Stamped Subway Art – Birthday Frame

I love the look of subway art! It’s inspired me to gather up my various Fiskars stamps and create a scaled down version of my own. I chose a birthday theme for my project that will make a fun home décor addition to our upcoming birthday celebrations this year.


1. Cut an 8 inch x 10 inch piece of background cardstock to place in the frame.

Note: I removed the glass from the frame and placed the cardstock at the front so that my framed art could be dimensional.

2. Cut a 6 inch x 8 inch piece of kraft cardstock to stamp on.

3. Gather any Fiskars stamps that fit the theme of your design and begin to create a preliminary layout of how each stamp will fit in the 6 x 8 space. Include space for punches or other design images in addition to the words and phrases. I temporarily adhered 2 pieces of punched cardstock to reserve those spaces.


4. Determine where you want to start stamping. I lightly drew a pencil line across the kraft cardstock where I had positioned 2 large stamps. It was about the midpoint of the paper and served as a good starting point for how I had my project laid out. Use black ink for the most dramatic effect.


5. Work around the space, keeping the words close together and rearranging the design or choosing other stamps as needed. Take your time. You’ll see that as my project progressed, I needed to swap out stamps and change my design a bit since I sometimes I had more space and could accommodate other images or more words and phrases. Look at the overall space and try to fill any gaps without overcrowding it.

6. Once the bottom space is stamped completely, begin the same process to cover the top of the kraft cardstock background.


7. Use markers or colored pencils to color in some of the designs – ribbons, stars, etc.

8. Next, use the Stamp Blocks to stamp images (birthday cake and candle) onto white pattern paper. Color with colored pencils and cut out with a Craft Knife.


9. With adhesive foam, adhere the Postage Stamp Squeeze Punch and the stamped images to the reserved space on the stamp kraft cardstock.


10. Adhere the completed stamped kraft cardstock piece to the center of the blue cardstock background already within the frame to complete the project.



Create other themes (holiday, seasonal, wedding, baby and more) similar to what I’ve done here and change out your framed art as you wish.

Supply List

Bo Bunny Cardstock – Powder Blue Journal and Avocado Double Dot
Colored pencils
Black 8 inch x 10 inch frame