A Year of Cards: Easter

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Easter Card

The Fuse Creativity System makes making this adorable Easter greeting quite easy!

It’s always nice to give an Easter greeting to a friend or family member. Here’s a “sweet” little idea that incorporates all sorts of bits and pieces, even some edible ones, into this holiday card.

Begin by cutting 5.” x 8.5” piece of card stock with your paper trimmer. Run horizontal stripes of springy-colored washi tape across the cardstock. 


paper and ribbon


Fold the cardstock in half and crease the edge with a bone folder.  

Place the folded card on the oval Fuse die, with the crease on the left.  Slide the folded card slightly to right, so the folded side of the card is just barely inside the edge of the steel rule. Place a cutting plate on top off the die, and run it through the Fuse.  With fold inside the edge, the front and back of the card will remain joined as its cut by the die.  If you end up with two separate “eggs”, you’ve done it wrong.


paper on Fuse die


Use your Everywhere Burst Punch to punch away the tip of the egg on the front side of the card.


paper with Anywhere Stamp


Next, ink up your bird plate and place it in the bird die and cut/emboss/print a cardstock bird.  Attach his wing with a dot of glue, and glue the bird inside the card so he peeks out of the hole you created with the Burst punch.


Fuse widget on cutout paper


Cut another 5” x 8.5”’ piece a card stock. Cut a border of birds along the top and run a strip of washi tape beneath it. Fold the bottom tow inches of the cardstock up. This little pocket will hold your egg card.


Paper with Border Punch


Cut a 10 inch by 2.5 inch piece of green crepe paper, and use your favorite Fiskars scissors to fringe the strip. 


Paper and Scissors


Fold it in half, place it on the folded flap of the card, and attach with a strip of washi tape.

Cut a 2-foot length of tulle from a spool, fold it in half, and wrap it around the base of the card with the folded edge at the bottom. Tape the end of the tulle down on the backside of the card using a wide strip of tape.


Glue cut paper onto cardstock


Create a “stamp pad” by folding a damp paper towel into a small rectangle. Place a few dabs of gel food coloring on the pad. Press a clean clear flower stamp and block into the pad, and stamp several candy wafers.




Once dry, drop the printed candies into the netting. Wrap the card with a little bakers twine to keep the candies tucked in, and tie off the twine on the back of the card.  Cut a coordinating piece of cardstock, slightly taller than your card, and glue your assemblage to this piece. Write a sentiment inside your egg and bird card, and tuck it behind the grass.


Easter Card


If you plan to send this Easter greeting in the mail, be sure to send it in a padded envelope so your candies don’t get crushed! 

Supply List

Ivory cardstock

Dark pink cardstock

Several pattered washi tapes

Paper glue

Bakers twine

Green crepe paper

Candy wafers


Spool of tulle