A Year of Cards: Valentine's Day

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


A Year of Cards Valentines Day

Make this sweet valentine for the one who tugs on your heartstrings!

I do love all the colors, symbols and imagery associated with Valentine’s Day, so naturally I selected this occasion for my monthly card challenge!  (If you missed the first installment, check out my crazy quilt cards from January!)

There are a lot of steps this card, but none of them are too difficult. Making a valentine for the one who tugs on your heartstrings is worth the investment of your time! 

To begin, select a lovely sheet of valentine-themed paper for your card base.  Cut it down to measure twelve by six inches.  Fold it in half to create a six-inch square card. Crease the fold.  

Open the card back up, and use the Fuse Creativity System to cut a centered frame from the right end of your card. Use the same die, along with an embossing plate, to cut a second frame from a piece of coordinating cardstock.


Card frame cutouts


Use the Fuse to cut out one scalloped square from pink cardstock.


String attached to card


Place the cardstock frame into the hole in the front of the card. Punch two hearts out and use them to attach the floating frame to the card using double-stick tape.


Heart Squeeze punch cutouts


Take a length of metallic thread and tape the tail down to the back of your scalloped square. Begin randomly wrapping the string around the card and catch the thread between the scallops. Don’t pull so tight that the card buckles, just tight enough to keep the thread in place.

Open the card and attach the scalloped square with paper glue or double-stick tape to the center.


Heart punch cutout attached to card with string


Punch out large heart, and tuck into the web, making sure it’s visible through the window of the card. 

Punch out a heart border and glue or tape it to the bottom of the card.  Glue the tiny heart cutout into your web.

Write a lovely sentiment inside the card, place it in a coordinating envelope and share it with your sweetheart. Happy Valentine's Day!


Supply List

Valentine cardstock

Two – three shades of solid cardstock

Metallic crochet thread.

Paper Glue

Double-stick tape