Holiday Money Holders

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Holiday Money Holders

As my kids have gotten older, their Christmas list has gotten a bit simpler – “just give me money, please!” They prefer to make their own purchasing decisions, so giving “green” (as in cash) really keeps everyone happy. These cards will allow you to dress up your monetary gifts!

Note – both of these cards are flat, 5x7 cards.


Instructions – Presents Card

1. Create a card base from cardstock.

2. Trim a piece of patterned paper into a rectangle. Use a small circle punch to create a half-circle opening at the top.

3. Adhere to base cardstock, applying adhesive to only the sides and bottom, creating a pocket.

4. Layer punched presents shapes along bottom of pocket.

5. Add a punched sentiment to the upper right hand of card.


Instructions – Money to Burn Card

1. Create a card base from cardstock.

2. Create a fireplace using squares of cardstock. Trim with a border punched “mantle” and punched “wreath.”


3. Trim small strips of cardstock to form “logs” – adhere each end to base, forming a “loop.”


4. Add punched “flames” around logs.

5. Roll cash and slip inside each log.

6. Add printed sentiment to bottom of card.