A Year of Cards: Naturally Lovely Cards

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Finished Nature Cards

Collaborate with the kids on these Naturally Lovely cards! They can dig up the supplies, and you operate the glue gun! 

Head out into the outdoors with the kids to pick up a few craft supplies! Moss, twigs, tiny pinecones, dried flowers and grasses all make great crafting materials.  Combine them with supplies from you craft stash, and collaborate with the kids on these nature-inspired cards! 

Butterfly card

Butterfly Card

Begin by cutting a 6” x  10” inch piece of heavy card stock.  Fold in half and crease the card spine.  Cut a 5” x 6” piece of birch paper. (Birch paper is available at craft stores – please don’t peel it off of trees!)

Use your Fuse Creativity System® to cut an oval from the birch paper.  Cut, print, and emboss a butterfly using the butterfly die.

Supplies to make the butterfly card

Use heavy-duty glue dots or a hot glue gun to attach the birch paper to the card face. Add a little dried grass, the Fuse printed and embossed butterfly, and a few tiny punched butterflies.

Adding moss to your card

Attach a patch of moss and finish with a nature-themed punched shape or two. 

Owl Card

Owl Card

Create another 5” x 6” card.  Take the oval you punched from the piece of birch paper in the previous card, flip it over so the more textured side faces down, and glue to the center of the card face.  Stamp an owl in the center of the oval.

Trim the oval with a twig for the owl to rest on, a little moss, a few punched shapes, and other natural embellishments.  Attach the pieces with glue dots or hot glue.

Woodland card

Woodland Birthday Card

The final card starts off with a base similar to the fist design.  Instead of using a butterfly as a centerpiece, stamp a sentiment like “Happy Birthday” instead.  Trim the card with punched shapes, tiny pinecones, moss, and other natural embellishments.

Nature cards

Supply List

Heavy cardstock

Birch Paper


Small cones,

Dried grass or flowers


Heavy-duty glue dots

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Ink pad