Quick Little Notes

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Quick Little Notes

One of my favorite things is to create cards that are simple and easy, involve one main idea, but can easily be changed up with the change of a fold or punch, or both.

This is a set of three cards that I did just that way. I grabbed 2 pieces of cardstock and one set of stamps, along with 3 different border punches and was able to make coordinating, but unique, cards.

For all of the cards, I just cut a piece of 12 inch x 12 inch cardstock in half so that I could make 3 cards all from a 12 inch x 6 inch base.


Card 1: Here’s the Scoop.

For this card, I simply folded it in half. Once it was folded in half, I stamped my image with a permanent, water-resistant ink in the bottom right corner.


I then used my border punch to add the stitching down that edge. I went in with simple watercolor pencils and a blender pen to add in the color. I finished this one by threading in some thin tulle to make a bow and three little pieces of bling.

Card 2: Hey Cupcake!

For this card, I scored the paper at 2 inches in on one end, flipped it around, then scored it 5 inches in from the other side. This gave me a 5x5 card base with a 2 inch flap. Using my scallop border punch, I punched the folded 2 inch edge. Next I grabbed my stamps, first stamping the sentiment and then stamping the cupcakes. I again used my watercolor pencils and blender pens to color in the cupcakes.


If you want to have the card 'seal' shut, pick one little scallop and make a small cut between the 2 lowest points, then slide that one little scallop into the cut.

Card 3: You’re the Sweetest!

This third card was a simple gate closure card. Score 3 inches in from each end and fold in. Take your border punch and punch the edge of each flap. Add your stamps and color as with the others.


To make the closure, I used a small pop dot and 2 pink pieces of bling, then used some string to close it.


Quick. Simple. Easy. Done!