Stencilicious Notecards and Envelope Liners

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Stencilicious Notecards and Envelope Liners

I was browsing through the stationery section of my local 99-cent store and found these super-cool alphabet stencils. A few weeks later, almost everything I owned was covered with letters. These stencils are available pretty much everywhere, so pick some up, grab some spray paint, and lock up anything you don’t want decorated!


Here’s How (for the notecards):

  1. Cut your poster board down to the size you want your notecard to be (I usually make mine 4 inches by 6 inches). If you’re using book pages a s a background, spray-mount the page to your cardboard first, then cut your notecard to size.
  2. Position the stencil on top of your poster board or book page—covered card, spray-paint it, and let dry

Here’s How (for the envelope liners):

  1. Place your stencil sheet on top of your colored paper, and spray-paint it with metallic gold. Let dry.
  2. With the flap open, lay your envelope flat on the stenciled paper and trace around the flap and halfway down the body.
  3. Cut out the shape, shaving off ¼ inch all the way around the edges.
  4. Apply glue to the back of the liner with your glue stick, then carefully tuck it inside the envelope.

If you’re going for the shadow effect, spray the stencil with your lighter color first and let dry. Then, move the stencil just a tiny bit to the right, spray it with the darker color, and let dry.

Supply List

Plastic alphabet stencils
Krylon spray paint, (a color you like for the notecards and metallic gold for the envelope liners)
Poster board in different colors or cardboard and book pages
Elmer’s spray adhesive (for the book page-covered cards)
Optional: A second can of spray paint in a contrasting color (if you plan on creating a shadow effect for your lettering)
You’ll Need (for the envelope liners):
Colorful paper (the heavier the better)
Elmer’s glue stick