World Card Making Day

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


World Card Making Day

World Card Making Day (WCMD) marks the beginning of the holiday card making season!

It began as National Card Making Day in 2006, and is held every year on the first Saturday of October. No matter how many cards you have on hand, once the holiday season starts, you are sure to need more! What could be more fun, than dedicating an entire day in the less hectic month of October, to just make cards? I hope you join in today and celebrate with us! I started making cards two years ago on WCMD. I got sucked in with all the celebration and haven’t looked back since. I love trying out different styles of cards and here are four of my favorites…

Elegant Card

Elegant Card:

An elegant card almost always has rich, vibrant colors with some kind of shine involved – either a satin ribbon or some jewels.

Clean and simple card

Clean and Simple Card:

A clean and simple card usually has just one layer of cardstock, with lots of white space and just a few elements to attract your attention to the card sentiment.

Fun and Cute Card

Fun and Cute Card:

A fun and cute card will have a sentiment that is funny or has a double meaning. You will usually see bright and fun colors in these cards.

Shabby card

Shabby Card:

A shabby card has lots of layers, stitching, and lace or doilies involved. You will see lots of muted, soft colors here usually, though my card has a modern twist to it with a pop of bright!

What is your favorite style of card making?