Everywhere Punch Window System: Honeycomb

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Finished Card

The Everywhere Punch is an awesome tool for making a huge impact all over the page! I love the graphic design of the Fiskars’ Honeycomb Everywhere Punch and decided to use it to make a bold statement on the front of this card.

To make one for yourself, start by cutting a piece of cardstock 1/4” smaller than the front of your card blank. I am using a card blank measuring 5.25” x 5.25” so I cut a piece of white cardstock measuring 5” x 5”.


Cutting cardstock


Take your Honeycomb Everywhere Punch and place the cartridge into the punch base. Place your cardstock on top of the punch and put the clear plastic alignment grid on top of the cardstock. The alignment grid will magnetically click into place when in the correct position.


Setting up the punch


You now have the opportunity to move the cardstock around until you are happy with the positioning. Next, place the top of the punch into position.


Punch in position


You will need to push the punch downwards firmly until you hear it ‘crunch’. Release the punch and remove the top. You will be able to see your punched hole and you can reposition the cardstock to achieve your required pattern by aligning the cardstock with the gridlines.


Punched shape


Creating Design


To add some color behind the punched windows, cut small pieces of colored cardstock and adhere to the back.


Adding color


Stamp a small sentiment and cut it out. I stuck it to the front of the cardstock with a foam dot in order to give the card dimension.


Stamping Sentiment


I also added two small ribbons using the Fiskars Jenni Bowlin Blue Ribbon punch and a tiny self-adhesive jewel.


Finished Sentiment


To finish, adhere the finished cardstock to the front of the card blank with foam dots in all four corners.


Supply List

Card blank 5.25” x 5.25”
Adhesive and foam dots