A Year of Memories: New Year’s Eve Picture Tree

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
A Year of Memories New Years Eve Picture Tree

As you get ready for the new year, relive the best moments of the last twelve months with a memory tree. This easy-to-make project will not only serve as decoration, but also as a great conversation starter.

Get started by gathering your favorite photos from the past year. Look for photos that will work well with the scale of the Fiskars XX-Large Tag Lever Punch. Then select colorful ribbons, solid cardstock and sparkly paper.

Spray paint a branch and let the paint dry. Once dry, insert the end in a piece of foam and place it in the bottom of a vase or other container. Weight the foam base down with pebbles. For greater stability, add plaster or floral foam inside the container around the foam base and branch. Then add a decorative accent, such as piece of fabric, to cover the stabilizer.


Decorating your tree is as easy as punching tags and adding ribbon hangers. Using the XX-Large Tag Lever Punch, punch equal numbers of pictures and cardstock pieces.


Glue the cardstock tag on the back of the picture tag. Then use a Fiskars Circle Hand Punch to create a hole in the top of the tag. You may wish to journal information about the picture on the back side.


Double a length of ribbon and thread it through the hole. Thread from the front to the back with the looped end facing away from you.


Pull the ends of the ribbon through the loop and tighten.


Tie another knot mid-way along the length of the ribbon to create ribbon tails. Hang the tags on the branches of your tree.


Then add glittery stars to the ends of the branches. Punch the stars from pre-glittered paper using the Fiskars X-Large Star Lever Punch.


Place an adhesive dot on the end the branch and place a punched star shape on each side to create a tree that sparkles from all angles.