‘Bee Mine’ Valentine’s Day Party

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner

Since I am a little bit (completely) obsessed with bees, I jumped at the chance to do a ‘Bee Mine’ themed party for Valentine’s Day!

I started by pulling out a bunch of assorted heart punches to make super easy cupcake toppers. I wanted the hearts to be different designs, sizes, and colors for a festive look. I simply punched hearts from cardstock scraps and adhered them to popsicle sticks, which were inserted into the cupcakes at varying heights for interest.  To round out the ‘Bee Mine’ theme, I added a piece of Honeycomb cereal (or two) to each cupcake. How easy is that?


Valentine Party straw


While I had out my heart punches, I decided to do a little creative cropping to make cute arrow straws.


Heart punches


Fold a punched heart in half and clip off the rounded sides parallel with the fold as shown. Fringe cut along the open edge just shy of the center. Unfold and adhere to a straw with a couple of mini glue dots.


Valentine party banner


To announce my party theme, I decided to make a quick banner spelling out ‘BEE MINE’ using the Fuse Creativity System. The oval expansion pack has the prettiest bee design! Obsessed. The Fuse stamped, cut, and letterpressed my ovals, which left me the time to cut out my letters using a craft knife on a cutting mat. You could save even more time by using letter stickers. String them altogether through holes from the 1/16 inch circle hand punch to hang.


Valentine party napkin


The Fuse also came in handy for making some honeycomb textured napkins! These started out as dollar store napkins and a crank through the Fuse with the honeycomb texture plates (you need to use the adaptor kit to run these plates through) gives you instant designer napkins! I also ran a few more of the bee ovals through the Fuse to cut out for embellishing throughout the party. I ran them through with white cardstock and used colored pencils to color in the yellow.


Valentine party tickets


Here is an idea that could translate to any kid party. DIY tickets! These are fun to hand out for winning games (make sure you give each kid a few to start off with) to redeem for prizes at the end of the party. These are so simple to make with the right tools. 


tickets with heart punchouts

Cut 12 inch cardstock into 1.25 inch strips. Pop the perforating blade into your rotary cutter and perforate every 2 inches. Hole punch at each intersection with the 1/4 inch circle hand punch centered halfway along the edge. Embellish tickets with stamps or punches. Here I used the 1/4 inch heart hand punch right in the center of each ticket. These came together very quickly and are just ridiculously cute! 


Be sure to save all of those tiny hearts you punched from the tickets. You may have noticed them in some pictures above used as festive confetti!