DIY Shabby Chic Duck Tape® Party Decor

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


DIY Chic Duck Tape Party Decor

It is a shabby chic party for adults!

Summertime is still around, so why not celebrate and throw a party with great handmade decor.

If you love washi tape, then you will flip out when you try this one. It tears really easy and sticks on any surface.

DIY Duck Tape® party mason jars

Mason Jars:

Using Duck Washi Tape® to decorate mason jars

1. Start wrapping your washi tape around the bottom portion of your mason jar.

2. After you add the first strip, make sure to line up the next strip to match the dots up. If you notice crinkles in your tape, you can simply rub them out with your finger.

How to make a Duck Tape® braided rope for your mason jar

Braided Rope

We are going to make a braided rope to go along the top of the mason jar. We will also add some Duck Tape® tassels to the ends of the braided rope.

1. Start by laying out a strip of Duck Tape® at approximately 18 inches.

2. Fold the strip in half so the sticky sides stick together.

3. Cut the strip into three sections so we can start braiding. If you need to hold your tape strips down, cut an additional small piece of Duck Tape® and place it at the top of the three strips.

4. Braid the entire strip until you get to the bottom.

5. Next we will wrap it around the top of the mason jar and tie a knot with the two pieces.

Making a Duck Tape® tassel

Making the tassel

1. To make the tassel, you will start by cutting two strips of Duck Tape®.

2. Place one strip on your cutting mat, sticky side up.

3. Then place the other strip directly on top of the sticky one. Both sides now have Duck Tape®.

4. Cut small slits into your Duck Tape® strip. If your strip is long, you can cut it into sections to create smaller tassels.

5. Start rolling it up with your fingers.

6. Attach this tassel to the end of your braided rope.

7. Secure it by butting up the rope and tassel then wrap a small piece of Duck Tape® around it.

Shabby Chic Duck Tape® Invitations

Shabby Chic Invitations

Steps to creating a shabby chic Duck Tape® invitation

1. Start by placing a strip of your washi tape along the bottom of the invitation. You will end up adding two strips.

2. Make your tassel garland for the invitation. Lay a piece of Duck Tape®, sticky side up, on your cutting mat.

3. Place a piece of twine directly in the middle.

4. Fold your tape over, mimicking how we made the tassels for the jars.

5. Make your tassel garland a little bit smaller than the invitation and line it up with the top of the washi tape. Secure the twine to the back with a little clear tape.


Customized Plates and Bowls

DIY Duck Tape® party bowls using a Fiskars hole punch

1. Punch holes around the edge of your paper plate.

2. Lay out a piece of Duck Tape® washi tape sticky side up and then fold it in half.

3. Once you have that folded in half, cut that strip into two.

4. Starting at one hole, go over and under with the strip of tape.

5. Secure the end under the bowl with a small piece of tape.

Supply List

Mason Jars

Paper Straws


Paper Plates

Plain Envelopes and Note Cards

Neon Pink Duck Tape®

Duck Tape® Washi Tape in Black Pin Dot