Easy Fringed Flower Accents

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Easy Fringed Flower Accents

Fiskars Scissors make it a breeze to create these easy fringed flowers. They make a cute accent for virtually any kind of project and can be created in just a few minutes.

Fringed Paper Flower Card Instructions:

Create a 5 inch by 6 inch card from cardstock. Then cut a 3.5 inch circle from pattern paper as well as a few paper strips of varied length. Use scissors to cut out small wedges from the ends of the paper strips to give them a banner look. Layer and adhere these pieces onto the card, as shown.

Cut or punch several circles for the fringed paper flower. Use various sizes and include those with a scalloped edge if you have them. For each circle, make small cuts (towards the center of each circle but not all the way) around the circle with scissors. Draw a circle on the back of each punch to use as a guide, if needed.


Once each circle is fringed, distress them by crunching up the pieces a bit. Be careful not to tear them. Then layer the fringed circles to create the flower. Finish it off with a button and a hemp bow in the center.


Another kind of fringed flower that can be made in a snap is this one created from fabric strips.


Fringed Fabric Flower Accent Instructions:

To start, cut a 3 inch circle to use as the foundation for the flower. Next, gather 3 coordinating fabrics and cut 12 – 14 strips from one color, then 10 – 12 from another and 6-8 of the last fabric. Take each of the longest strips and fold each one in half, making sure the pattern is face up. Press with an iron if needed.


Then arrange these folded strips around the circle. Pin the strips in place and machine stitch around once or twice.


Arrange another layer of shorter strips and repeat the above process of pinning and stitching. Repeat again with the final and shortest strips of fabric.

Lightly spray the flower with starch and scrunch up. Let dry or crunch up the fringed petals and press with an iron for quicker results. Hand stitch a large button in the center of the flower to complete it. Stitch or hot glue the fabric fringed flower to a ribbon to create a fun gift wrap accent as I’ve done here with this simple fabric bag.