Football Party Playbook Style

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Super Bowl Spread with Banner and Food

The biggest football game of the year is an American tradition. Whether you like it for the sport, food, commercials, or just getting together with family and friends, there is fun to be had by all.

Super Bowl Playbook

Clipboard Kid Activities

This year create a “playbook” which is simply a bunch of assorted activities in a clipboard. Include the kids and set up a table with activities and a place to eat.

1. Stamp X’s and O’s in the shape of a football play (if you know anything about football, you will know my play probably makes no sense at all, ha!) with white chalk ink onto black cardstock.

2. Draw arrows with a white colored pencil and add smudges around the entire page with more white ink to mimic a chalkboard.

3. Fill the clipboard with various activities such as football coloring pages and games, tic-tac-toe, trivia, craft ideas, and instructions for paper football. 


Paper Football Game


Table Football

Create a designated paper football field across the table. This not only encourages play, but it is also adds to the football themed décor. 

1. Trim green cardstock into 2.5 inch strips.

2. Center the end of each strip into the ‘Leave it to Weaver’ border punch and punch.

3. Cover the table with white butcher paper and glue the green strips into a row as shown.

4. Add a colored strip of cardstock for each end zone. You can get fancy with yard numbers and team names, or just keep it super simple. TIP: Leave out crayons for kids to color on the butcher paper.


Paper Lantern made of football shapes


Football Lanterns

Another fun way to add football décor is with faux paper lanterns. The look makes a cheerful party and a football version adds to the theme.


How to make a football-shaped paper lantern


1. Trim cardstock to 6 x 8 inches and score an inch from the edge along each long side using a scoring blade in your rotary trimmer.

2. Cut lines between the scored lines every inch using a trimmer or craft knife with ruler.

3. Adhere ends together as shown. Once fully dry, puff out strips to form lantern shape. Use a 1/16 inch circle hand punch to string for hanging.

Paper lantern football stitching


4. To create easy laces for the football lanterns, cut a 1-3/8 inch wide strip of white cardstock and punch along one side using the Notebook border punch.  

5. Flip the strip over and beginning in the same position to be sure the designs align, punch along the other side.  

6. Trim strip to eight laces long and snip off edges as shown.


Paper banner football jersey

Jersey Banner

Creating a jersey banner is quick and easy using the Fuse Creativity System since you can cut through many sheets at once.


How to make a paper lantern football jersey cut-out


1. Run desired sheets of cardstock through Fuse together using the square die. Keep the stack together and run it back through twice to cut out under each arm as shown.

2. Run through a final time using the corner of the square to create the neckline. Use a 1/16 inch circle hand punch to string for hanging.


Paper flags


Sandwich Pennants

One last quick and easy way to add some team spirit to the big game is with simple felt pennants for food toppers.

1. Using the Razor-edge Softgrip Scissors cut out the felt banners.

2. Hot glue to bamboo skewers cut to assorted size for interest.

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