Homemade Ice Cream Social

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Homemade Ice Cream Social

Most of my favorite memories from childhood involve ice cream.

Several of the churches that we attended would have regular ice cream socials – people would bring a hand-churned tub of ice cream, and everyone would chip in for a variety of toppings. I think that it was at an ice cream social that I first tasted cookie dough ice cream! My grandmother often planned ice cream for dessert, and the kids were assigned the duty of sitting on the ice cream makers & cranking the handle for hours.


The sunny days of summer are the perfect time to recreate that feeling of old-fashioned fun with an Ice Cream Social of your own! Ice Cream Socials don’t just have to be for kids – why can’t grownups have some fun? Follow these easy steps to pull off a fabulous Ice Cream Social of your own! Craft an invitation.


Weekends are the perfect time to host an ice cream social! Whether you decide to create a guest list of close friends, family, or host a block-party-style neighbor gathering, just get it on the calendar! Include all the pertinent details about time & place, but also be specific about what you’d like guests to bring. Maybe you decided to provide the ice cream, and assign toppings to the guests? Or perhaps you invite attendees to bring their ice cream makers over for a collaborative homemade bash. Ask guests to RSVP, and also inquire about potential allergies. Plan the food – ice cream, toppings, and drinks.


First & foremost, you’ll want to plan for the star attraction – the ice cream! Here’s a handy reference for just how many scoops you’ll need –

12 guests = 1 ¼ gallons

16 guests = 1 ½ gallons20 guests = 2 gallons

Now, the really fun part – the toppings! Offer a variety of favorites – sprinkles, chocolate candies, nuts – along with fruits. How about sauces? Chocolate, marshmallow cream, caramel, and butterscotch are all great choices. You may want to include a few liquors – kahlua, irish cream, and chambord are all delicious over ice cream!
Make (or buy) the ice cream!


If you’ve decided to make the ice cream, you’ll want to plan ahead a bit. There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting for ice cream to freeze! Here are some great recipes to try:

Vanilla Ice Cream (Eating Well)

French Vanilla Ice Cream (Martha Stewart)

Simple Chocolate Ice Cream (Cuisinart)

Add homemade style to the décor.


Give your ice cream social a bit of a nostalgic flair by using gingham & checkered patterned papers. Craft tags for topping jars, and ice cream flavor signs. If you are offering ice cream cones, you can create decorative wraps with paper & punches. Mason jars & wooden spoons will enhance your homemade theme. Enjoy!