Kids' Thanksgiving Activity Table

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Kids' Thanksgiving Activity Table

The Thanksgiving kids table can be used for more than just eating. It can also serve to keep the little ones occupied while the turkey is cooking!

From snacks to activities, it can be a hub for keeping them busy. It can also be super cute to serve double-duty as Thanksgiving décor!

Kid's Thanksgiving Table Snacks-to-Gobble

Consider adding a small collection of snacks at each place setting for kids to gobble on at their leisure. This cute turkey is very simple to make using the Fuse Creativity System®.

Kids Thanksgiving Table Snacks-to-Gobble-Craft

Using the Bird and Circle Design Sets, run brown craft foam through the Fuse. Run five bird wings through the Fuse using assorted craft foam for the feathers. Glue together and add a “Snacks to Gobble” print out to the front.

Kids thanksgiving table Snacks-to-Gobble-Box-Demo

Adhere the turkey to an easy DIY box. Simply cut a seven by six inch rectangle of brown cardstock and score each side two inches from the edge using a scoring blade in your rotary trimmer. Cut along four of the scored lines as shown and adhere flaps into a box.

Kids Thanksgiving table Mayflower-Centerpiece

A Mayflower centerpiece can hold activities for the kids in individual boxes cut using the Fuse Creativity System®. Drill a small hole in a block of wood or molding cut to fit into an oval basket using the Fiskars Hand Drill. Insert a bamboo skewer into the hole with glue to secure. Add a sail once dry with a simple Thanksgiving message.

Kids Thanksgiving table DIY-Crayon-Boxes

By covering the table with kraft paper, the kids can doodle away. Fill a few of the boxes with a good assortment of crayons to let their imagination run wild.

Kids Thanksgiving table DIY-Crayon-Boxes-Demo

Run the Treatbox Design Set through the Fuse using assorted fall inspired patterned cardstocks. Fold on the scored lines and glue to secure.

Kids Thanksgiving table Feather-Headband-Napkin-Ring

To add more decoration to the table, create these easy feather headband napkin rings out of leather using the Fuse.

Kids Thanksgiving table Feather-Headband-Napkin-Ring-Demo

Ink the patterned Pillowcase Design Set with permanent brown stamping ink and run through the Fuse with a one inch wide strip of leather from the craft store cut using your rotary trimmer. Glue leather strip around a cut of a paper towel roll and hot glue a feather from the craft store inside.

Kids Thanksgivng table Thanksgiving-Place-Setting

These pumpkin pie place cards look almost good enough to eat. And they are easy to make, too!

Kids Thanksgiving table Pumpkin-Pie-Place-Card-Demo

Punch two dark orange triangles using the ‘Banner Year’ lever punch. Punch a 1/16 inch hole at the center of one (this will be the top piece). Trace one onto beige craft foam and cut out. Cut a 1.25 by 7.5 inch strip of a slightly lighter orange cardstock. Using a scoring blade in your rotary trimmer, score at 1, 2.75, and 2.75 inches along the strip. Score 1/4 inch along both long sides as well. Fold all scored lines and cut a triangle as shown from each intersection. Cut the scored wings off of one of the 1 inch each pieces as well. Glue scored strip along one triangle at the top and one of the bottom. Glue orange pumpkin slice to the craft foam triangle crust as well as a piece for the back cut with ‘Clouds’ paper edgers for a scalloped crust. Insert a toothpick into the 1/16 inch hole for a name flag, and glue part of a cotton ball at the top for whipped cream.

Kids Thanksgiving table Pilgram-Hat-Chair-Cover

Simple felt chair slipcovers can inexpensively add dramatic décor. Here I created a very simple pilgrim hat pattern to trace onto felt. I layered two pieces of felt and cut together using Amplify™ RazorEdge™ Fabric Shears. These are wonderful for cutting heavier fabrics easily. Add any decorations to the front of the hat before simply sewing the two panels together leaving the bottom open.

Kids Thanksgiving table Corn-Paper-Chain-Garland

One last decoration idea can get the kids involved way before Thanksgiving arrives. Create traditional paper chains using the colors of autumn corn by gluing a strip of paper into another ring forming a chain. Tie together two chains to form an ear of corn and tie into a garland using raffia.