Paper Lanterns

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Paper Lanterns

Summer nights are perfect for enjoying dinner on the deck or patio. You can add a touch of color and light with these DIY paper lanterns. They’re simple to make, and can be created in a variety of sizes and colors.

1. Trim cardstock to desired height using your favorite Fiskars trimmer. A width of 10-12 inches will ensure that your lantern has plenty of room for a candle holder.

2. Using a pencil and ruler, draw lines 1 inch apart across the width of cardstock (you’ll want to do this on the back side of your paper). Stop 1-2 inches short of the upper and lower edge.


3. Carefully cut slits along the pencil lines, leaving a 1-2 inch border intact at the top and bottom.

4. Change the cutting blade in your trimmer to a scoring blade, and score down the middle of your cardstock


5. Gently fold along the score line (this will help to give your lantern its shape).

6. Form a cylinder and adhere ends with sturdy adhesive.

7. Use Fiskars border punches and squeeze punches to embellish your lanterns.

8. Carefully place lanterns over small votive holders (caution – it’s best to use a tall votive holder to ensure that flame cannot reach the paper lantern)
Make a collection of lanterns for a festive grouping on your outdoor table!