Spring Party Candy Buffet

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Spring Party Candy Buffet

Embellish a candy buffet easily with the Fuse Creativity System®

Candy Jar Labels:
1. Run lime green cardstock through Fuse using keyhole mirror die and green ink.
2. Print out candy names onto white cardstock and cut into strips with a “V” cut at each end. Adhere centered onto label.
3. Add self-adhesive gem to each side of label.
4. Glue label onto loop of yellow ribbon for hanging.


Bird Treat Bag Clips:
1. Run pink and yellow cardstock through the Fuse using bird dies and slightly darker ink.
2. Adhere each bird to front of mini clothespin.
3. Cut thin strip of cork and adhere into dip inside clothespin to form branch.


Run several napkins through the Fuse at the same time without ink using the embossing plate without the cutting die.  Tip:  Add a sheet of printer paper between the napkin and cutting mat for a clean release and impression.

Supply List

Colored napkins