Streamers and Garlands

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Streamers and Garlands

Other than balloons, there isn’t much that adds a more festive feel to a party than hanging streamers and garlands. I’ve come up with a few ways to take these classics to a new level.

honeycomb streamers

I’ve seen dramatic groupings of honeycomb streamers online but couldn’t find them locally. Whenever I can’t find something I want, rest assured I’m going to try to make it myself. And I’m so glad I did with these because this might be the most rewarding thing I’ve ever made. The first time I pulled apart the ends to reveal the honeycomb interior, I couldn’t help but smile! And better yet, it closes right back up to store easily for another event.


The Fuse system made cutting out my scalloped squares from tissue paper ridiculously quick and easy. I was folding up four sheets of each color several times to run through 64 layers at a time without a blink! Once you have lots of layers cut in your chosen colors of tissue paper (you can keep adding to make it longer as you go), run two pieces of thin chipboard through the Fuse with the scalloped square die as well for stable ends to your streamer.


Punch two 1/16 inch holes through each, as shown, to tie string through for hanging.


Now it’s time to start layering your tissue paper sheets. Using an extra strength glue stick, glue your first layer fully to one of the chipboard ends. On top of that layer, rub your gluestick on each of the four scalloped corners and lay on your next layer. On top of the new layer, add glue to only the interior scallops as shown. Repeat back and forth with each layer until you have your desired length of streamer. Be sure your glue stays inside the edges of each sheet so you don’t end up gluing random layers together.


Glue the remaining chipboard square fully to the end of the stack to complete. Once fully dry, open it up and smile!


A super quick and easy way to add something special to inexpensive store-bought streamers is adding a scalloped border using the Fuse. Accordion-fold your streamer back and forth at a width of no more than 3.5 inches.


Place the folded streamer, as shown, just below the bottom of the scalloped circle die (this is the starter die that comes with the Fuse). Be sure your streamers are within the left and right borders. I like to leave one end of the streamer longer to have a little extra piece to glue different colors of streamers together.Run through the Fuse and unfold to reveal the pretty scalloped edge.


Punches are another easy way to make your party festive. Look for designs that include holes for stringing.


This doily punch has lots of holes to choose from! Simply punch the design into cardstock and center a circle squeeze punch over it as shown to create intricate circles in no time. I like to run clear nylon thread through the holes for a floating effect. My youngest asked me how the circles were staying up. I showed him the “invisible” thread and he was so excited, ha!

What other ways can you use inexpensive materials like crepe streamers, tissue paper, and cardstock to make festive decorations for your next party?