Winter Games Party Décor

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Winter Games Party Décor

The Winter Games are a great reason for a gathering and a great theme for a party!

It’s fun to watch the events as a group, and cheer on Team USA (or whichever team you support).   

The landscape of the hosting city and the winter temperatures were my inspiration for this project.  I thought the party décor should reflect the setting of this year’s event, so I created a few pieces that mimic their winter scene, and then brought in some cozy elements too.  

I hope you’ll give this try! Even if your Winter Game party is small, and maybe just limited to the members of your household, these projects are simple and very inexpensive to make.  With a little time and effort, you can make your party cozy and fun!

Cocoa Stirrers
These little stirrers are so easy to craft, and look adorable when you place these trail-marking flags in the marshmallow mountains of your cup of hot cocoa! Just take a paper straw and trim off a couple of inches from the end. Fold a piece of striped washi tape around the straw (near the top) and join the sticky sides together. Finish it off by cutting little notch in the flag.


Stocking Caps
Use your Fuse Creativity System® and the Circle Design Set to cut the hat base from a sheet of corrugated paper.  With the ribs of the paper running vertically, fold the bottom ¼ of the circle under, so the hat will stand upright when placed on the table. Wrap a couple fluffy, white pipe cleaners and one gold pie cleaner around the base of the hat to create the hat band. Glue a glittered pom-pom on the top, and gold star to the band.  Scatter them around the table, or use them to mark a place setting.  


Scarf Napkin Ties
Cut a strip of felt measuring ¾ inch by 11 inches. Use a small pair of scissors to carefully fringe the ends of the felt. Add “USA” with adhesive letters and finish it off with a little gold star. Wrap the scarf around a rolled napkin.


Mountain Scene Centerpiece
To create your mountain range, cut several mountains out of different shades of gray and brown cardstock.  Mountains are organic, so make each one different.  Cut snowcaps for the peak of each mountain out of white cardstock, and use a few dimensional foam dots to attach them. Use a hot glue gun to add a couple of small corks to the backside of the mountain base so your range can stand.


Cluster the mountains together on the tabletop, and drop a little artificial snow on the scene.  Add the other party elements to complete your tablescape.


Supply List

Washi tape
Paper Staws
Corrugated paper
Glitter pom-pom
Star stickers
Pipe cleaners
Adhesive letters
Star stickers
Cardstock in assorted shades of brown, gray, and white
Glue gun and glue sticks
Adhesive foam dots
Artificial snow