French Inspired Invitation

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
French Inspired Invitation

We’re thinking we may actually have to whip up a party just to use this super cute vintage French inspired invitation. I love the bold simplicity of this idea and I LOVE this pop art retro Fiskars edge punch! Ooo la la!

I collect old paper and this is a French vocabulary card from my collection, but you could easily whip up something similar on your computer and the three dimensional vintage plastic flower components can easily be replaced with new thematically apropos buttons.

1. If you can’t find a flat invitation pre-cut, cut your own 5.5”x5.5” square and add the pinking shear look to the edge with Fiskars edge scissors using a baby pink cardstock.

2. Use the daisy chain border punch in the center of each side of your invitation. Punch one segment on each side. Center these and line them up with edge of paper for consistency.

3. Create your invitation using editing software on your computer. It can’t be wider than 3” so keep that in mind while selecting fonts. I used Franklin Gothic in a 12pt for the top line, Palatino Linotype in 12pt for the second line and Palatino Linotype in 9pt. for the remaining lines. If you want to make a new version of the card, again keep in mind it needs to be about 3 ¼”. Use clear, easy to read vintage style typefaces in small font sizes.

4. Print out the invitation and use a Fiskars SureCut™ paper trimmer to cut them to 3”x 1 ¾” for the invitation section and 3 ¼” x 1/5” for the vocabulary card.

5. Cut the backgrounds for each card with the darker pink paper leaving enough excess to create a small frame using your SureCut™ paper trimmer. For the vocabulary card, cut a final background with the patterned paper creating a second frame. The largest top frame should be approximately 4”x 2 ¼” and the bottom frame about 2”x3/5”.

6. Use the heart templates and ShapeCutter™ system to cut a 1” patterned heart, a 1 1/8” dark pink heart and a 1.5” patterned circle.

7. Layer cards and frames on top and bottom center of your invitation using Aleene’s Tacky tape runner to adhere the layers together and to the card.

8. Add the patterned circle and two hearts to the top right side of the invitation as in photo.

9. Use Tacky glue dots to attach the flowers to the remaining three corners. Add a second tacky glue dot to attach the flat backs to the center of each flower.

10. This will need to be shipped in a padded envelope! You can opt for flat embellishments if you prefer.

Supply List

Baby pink cardstock flat invitation with pinking edges (or make your own using Fiskars pinking edge scissors!)

Darker pink cardstock for background

Various black and off white themed scrapbook papers

Vintage French vocabulary card (or make one on the computer!)

3-1” clear acrylic dimensional flowers (or a similar dimensional item)

3-4mm jet flat back SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS pearls

Aleene’s Tacky Glue runner

Aleene’s Tacky Glue dots