Duck Tape® Neon Fringe Birthday Party Decor

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Duck Tape Birthday Party Decor

I am always trying to find ways to dress up a party area without breaking the bank.

I couldn't be more excited to show you the things you can create with neon Duck Tape® and new Fiskars® Duck® Edition Scissors — these scissors cut through sticky Duck Tape like BUTTER! Nothing like them! Once you have your Fiskars scissors and Duck Tape, you'll just need to gather a few other supplies you probably already have.

Let's get started! The main purpose of this craft is to make multiple decorative items with fringe.

Duck® Tape Birthday Decor first steps to making fringe

Basic Fringe Steps

Step 1: Place a strip of Duck Tape (sticky side up) on a rotary cutting mat.

Step 2: Cut another strip, preferably a different color, sticky side down on top of the first piece, leaving a small strip of the underside tape exposed like the top right picture below.

Step 3: Trim all of the edges except the top sticky side.

Step 4: Turn your strip over and adhere the sticky side  to the surface you are working on. Now grab your Fiskars Duck Edition scissors and start cutting little slits in your strip of tape. You have the option of making them thin or thick! How much fun is this?
You now have a strip of duck tape with one color on each side. This is the base step for decorating each item.

You can also add multiple layers of colored tape if you choose to, this is another option. By doing this you can create stripes and very long fringe.


Party Straws

Step 1: Lay your paper straw on top of the tape. If your strip is too long to work with, you can cut it a little like the picture below.

Step 2: Wrap your tape around the straw. This is where your sticky side will come into action. You will add two or three layers on the straw. Place each layer  a little above the previous one.

How fabulous are these straws?


Fringed Banner

Step 1: Place a strip of Duck Tape (sticky side up) on a rotary cutting mat, carefully adding a piece of twine on the stick side, right along the top.

Step 2: Next place your second strip directly on top and gently press down.

Duck® Tape Birthday Fringe Banner wrapping tape around twine

Step 3: Start cutting your tape to make fringes. If you want to add some spice to your fringe banner cut out triangles and it will look like little flags.

Duck® Tape Fringed Party Banner cutting fringes

Cupcake Toppers

These will go right into our cupcakes to add some quick love to them!

Repeat steps one through four of the basic fringe steps to get started. Your strip of tape might be too long to fit on a little toothpick, so you could cut the strip in half to make a mini fringe.

Step 1: Wrap your piece around the toothpick just like we did to the paper straw.  To add a message to your cupcakes, you can take the chalkboard laminate and cut out little flags to add onto the toothpicks. You will notice some of the fringes are hanging down and some look like little fireworks facing up.

Duck® Tape Cupcake Toppers

Fringed Party Mug Labels

This is one of my favorite projects and since chalkboard is trendy right now, I hope you like it too!

Step 1: Going back to step one of the basic fringe steps, place a small piece sticky side up. Instead of placing a full strip of tape right on top we will cut small strips and place them along the edges like pictured below. Cut the fringes along all edges, then turn over and stick on your cup of choice.

Step 2: Cut a small square of Duck Tape chalkboard adhesive laminate and place in the center of the label. Now you can personalize your cup by writing with chalk!

Duck® Tape Party Mug Labels adding fringe to the labels

Party Utensils

Last but not least, let's decorate some forks. You will do them the same way you did your straws and toothpicks. I added the fringe along the top of straw and fell in love! Whats great about this is you can decorate all your party utensils.

Duck® Tape Party Forks wrapped in fringe

Now you have the tools to make your very own neon fringe party decor!

Supply List

Neon Duck® Tape

Duck® Tape Adhesive Chalkboard Laminate

Plastic Forks

Straws (I used paper which you can get at your party store)

Twine or Rope


Party Cups and Plates (optional to decorate)

Coffee Cup Cover (optional)