Father's Day Party Ideas That Pop

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Fathers Day Party Decor

A fun way to celebrate Father’s Day is with a “pop” themed gathering to celebrate the world’s best pop!

Serve food items that involve the word pop (popcorn, popsicles, etc.) and decorate with items that include pop, like popcorn!

Fathers Day Pop theme letters using the Fiskars Amplify Scissors

One easy way to incorporate popcorn in your party décor is with this easy cake topper. Print out “POP” from your computer using the outline feature under fonts in the desired size. Adhere the letters onto chipboard using an extra strength glue stick and cut out when dry. Amplify® Mixed Media Shears are great for cutting chipboard, and the Fingertip Detail Knife makes cutting out the center of letters easy. Be sure to work on a craft mat or protected surface.

Fathers Day Cake Topper with Popcorn

Adhere the popcorn directly onto the letters with hot glue and then hot glue the letters onto bamboo skewers to insert into the cake.

Father's Day Bubble Blowing Decor

Add personality to your décor with 3D photos of dad blowing bubbles!

Fathers Day Bubble Decor Photo Idea

Print out a photo of dad and adhere it to chipboard using an extra strength glue stick. Allow the glue to dry and trim off excess using Amplify® Mixed Media Shears.

Fathers Day Bubble Photo inserting the bubble

On a protected surface, punch a hole at the mouth of the photo using the largest Eyelet Setter. The Eyelet Setter is great for punching far in from the edge, where you wouldn’t be able to reach with a hand punch.

Blow up a pink balloon and insert the tied closure into the punched hole to secure.

A popcorn bar is a good choice for a pop-themed party of course. It’s easy to turn a popcorn bar into party décor.


Add popcorn labels to toppings and seasonings. Simply punch out the food names with the XL Cloud Squeeze Punch to mimic a popcorn shape.

Chalk the tops of the labels with yellow chalk to mimic butter as shown.

Fathers Day Party Popcorn Containers

Display popcorn toppings in popcorn boxes cut and letterpressed using the Fuse Creativity System®. Crank out a bunch for toppings as well as individual serving boxes for guests.

Fathers Day Party Ideas Place Settings

Add a box at each place setting for guests to fill with the popcorn mix of their choice. It doubles as party décor holding the napkin, utensils, and straw, as well as serves as a name card.

Supply List



Bamboo skewers



Glue gun

Extra strength glue stick