Movie Awards Party

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Movie Awards Party

It is almost movie award season, which is a great excuse to throw a party! I look for any opportunity to gather friends together for some fun. A viewing party is not only a fun event to attend, it’s a fun time for crafting decorations!


Don’t have fancy plates or dislike washing dishes? Dressing up store-bought paper plates is a good solution! Black square plates transform into movie clapper boards with a little cardstock and a brad. Cut strips of black cardstock and layer white cardstock strips at an angle, trimming off excess with scissors or a paper trimmer. Adhere together, add a brad, and hot glue to the top rim of plates.

Award Show Party Napkin-Ring-Demo

The film strip stamp for the Continuous Stamp Wheel makes the perfect sized napkin rings. Just roll out the design and cut out each strip. Adhere into a loop to feed through napkin. It doesn’t get much easier than that!


I have a slight addiction to accordion circles, and I decided to turn a set into movie reels for a dramatic backdrop by simply adding a few circle punches!

Movie Awards Party-Reel-Demo

Cut three 12 by 5 inch strips of gray or silver cardstock using a paper trimmer. Score every half inch as shown using a scoring blade in your rotary trimmer.

Movie Awards Party-Reel-Demo-2

Adhere the three strips into one continuous strip and press down at center. Hot glue small black circles of cardstock at the center of each side to secure. After adding XL circles around the reel, adhere a strip of black cardstock (curled around a pencil) to mimic film.


The party carton die for the Fuse creates the cutest little popcorn tubs with the expansion pack. These are perfect for small individual servings of popcorn, candy containers for a movie concession stand as shown here, or even to hold party favors!


Send your guests home with small treats (perhaps fun popcorn seasonings?) housed in a cute little popcorn tub. Run white cardstock through the Fuse using red stamping ink to create the easy-to-assemble carton.


Add a few spirals of film to the tub and add “reel glad you came” for a punny thank you! The ‘Picture Perfect’ cartridge for the AdvantEdge™ Border Punch System makes these come together quickly! Punch along an edge of black cardstock and trim off using a paper trimmer.


For one last tip, punching and sprinkling yellow stars around the party is a quick and easy way to add a festive feel.

Supply List

Paper plates