Picnic Recipe Book

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


picnic recipe book

As if planning a picnic wasn't already exciting enough, imagine pulling out a book full of recipes dedicated solely to helping you plan the occasion.

Purchasing a premade recipe book is a quick and easy option for getting started. Or you can gather a few easy-to-find supplies and make a more personalized book yourself.

This little book was made from pieces of other books that I altered to fit my needs. I started with a bookcover kit that I found in a dollar bins at my local craft store. It included four canvas covered chipboard covers and two rings. The holes had been punched parallel to the scalloped edge, so the covers had a vertical format. I turned two of them 90 degrees, cut them to six inches wide (not including the scallops), and punched new holes using the Fiskars ¼ inch circle hand punch.

Photo of photo album pages altered for use in a recipe book

I wanted my recipe cards to be contained within plastic sleeves so I grabbed a package of four inch x six inch photo album pages that have the extra narrow pocket separating the photo pockets. I cut the two photo pockets from each page by running them through my LED SureCut Folding Rotary Paper Trimmer, cutting just above and just below the punched hole in the narrow strip, leaving them looking like the example in the top right of this photo. I then cut the pockets down to six inches wide so they looked like the example in the bottom right of the photo, taking care to cut off the end that had the hole punched in it.

Photo of recipe book pocket pages and recipe card example

To complete the pockets, I used the Fiskars ¼ inch circle hand punch to punch holes in the strip at the top of each pocket, aligning them with the holes I previously punched in the covers of the album. I used simple index cards as recipe cards, adding stamped images to dress them up a bit if desired. I used smaller cards and backed them with four inch x six inch pieces of patterned paper, although four inch x six inch index cards could also be used.

Photo of die cut shapes made with the Fiskars Fuse

Decorating the cover was done quickly and easily by layering die cut shapes made using the Fiskars Fuse and dies, as well as a stamped image made using the Teresa Collins Recipe set.

Photo of a picnic recipe book

I added a scrap of muslin, some wide ric-rac, and letter stickers to finish the cover.

Binding the book together with loose leaf paper rings makes this book easy to expand.

A special thank you to Echo Park for providing the patterned papers to complete this project.

Supply List

Canvas covered chipboard covers or pieces of recycled chipboard

Package of photo album sleeves

Stamping ink


Scraps of fabric and/or ribbons

Patterned papers

2 loose leaf rings

Letter stickers