Razzle Dazzle New Year’s Eve Party

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Razzle Dazzle New Years Eve Party

I am a huge fan of New Year’s Eve; celebrating the closing year and anticipating the year ahead is too fun!

I enjoy decorating with sparkly glitter and lots of silver, gold, and purple. They’re the perfect colors for an upscale New Year’s Eve party, full of glitz and glam!


This year I am making jumbo paper sequins for exaggerated fun and sparkle. They are easy to make, too!


Cut circles from metallic cardstock using the Fuse Creativity System®. You can cut a bunch at once! Glue a punched XL hexagon centered onto the back. Using a stylus, score along the edges of the hexagon.


Lining a ruler up with the points of the hexagon, score lines radiating from each tip to the edge of the circle. Fold at each scored line to get your basic sequin shape.


On a protected surface, punch a hole at the center of each sequin with an eyelet setter. That’s it! They look best in large groupings and make a huge impact!


I definitely wanted to have a 2014 banner and confetti. I figured why not combine them both into one project! And so was born the confetti banner.


Trace numbers onto vellum with pencil and sew two layers together leaving a space at the top to feed through punched stars. If you make your letters narrow like mine, it is easiest to sew only the bottom part, stop to feed in the stars, and then sew the rest. The star hand punch makes perfectly sized confetti. Use a 1/16 inch circle hand punch to thread a string for hanging.


It is easy to add some New Year festiveness to the table, too. Add more of the sequins, use watches for napkin rings, and add simple party blowers to double up as decorations.


By placing a paper doily onto white plates, you can add paper clock hands that can easily be removed when it is time to eat.


Feed glittered cardstock partially into the banner punch as shown for small triangles to adhere to thinly trimmed strips for clock hands.


Another fun way to use clocks in your party décor is adding them to the center of flowers. This clock stamp adds a New Year’s Eve twist to a pretty floral centerpiece.


Simply stamp the clock onto cardstock, cut out with scissors, and adhere to the center of artificial flowers (or craft up your own paper flowers!).
Get creative with your Fiskars tools to start off the New Year with some crafting fun!

Supply List

Cardstock (variety)