Terrific Take Out!

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Terrific Take Out!

Turn leftovers into something special with these super quick take-out treats.

Don’t you love having friends and family over for holiday gatherings? If your house is anything like mine, you never run short on food. I’m usually begging people to take treats home with them so that my fridge doesn’t end up overstuffed. Before your next party, put together these SUPER easy take-out treat boxes. With just six simple steps, they’ll make those leftovers look irresistible!


1.    Choose your food container – you can use simple disposable plastic ware, or pick up a few crafty boxes (these takeout boxes are from www.thinkgarnish.com.)

2.    Use the FUSE Creativity System®  to cut large tags out of cardstock.

Using the fuse machine

3.    Overlap a smaller punched shape onto the larger tag.

4.    Punch a small tag from coordinating cardstock.

Tag sample

5.    Embellish with stickers if desired.

6.    Tie around food containers using bakers twine.