Baby Monogram

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Baby Monogram

It is super easy to use your scrapbooking supplies- paper and punches, to make a beautiful decorated canvas at home. You can personalize these to match the colors of your nursery or you can also use them to spell out your babyís name. A fun project to make!


I have used a 5 by 5 inch canvas here. I trimmed a polka dotted paper to size (remember to measure the depth of your canvas as well) and adhered it to the canvas with a matte finish Modge Podge. Be liberal with your first coat of Modge Podge, this will ensure that the patterned paper adheres onto the canvas evenly.


Once the front has dried (it takes about half an hour or so), turn over your canvas and make a 45 degree cut using a pair of sharp scissors.


Fold and adhere the paper onto the edge (depth) of the canvas, and fold the corners over onto the adjacent edges of the canvas as seen in this photo below.


Fold and adhere two opposite edges so. Now using scissors, trim the triangle edge off the remaining two edges. Adhere these onto the canvas and let the canvas dry thoroughly.


Meanwhile, trim a 12 by 12 inch patterned paper to measure 8.5 by 11 inches. This is a standard size and can be fed into your printer easily. Print onto it a 4 by 4 inch enlarged font of your choice. Or you can easily draw your alphabet onto the paper.


Once you have printed the monogram, trim the paper to fit the canvas (5 by 5 inches here). Add embroidery or machine stitching around the letter. I have used a corner punch on all four corners to decorate the edges.


Using a Fingertip detail knife, carefully cut out the inside of the alphabet.

Cut out

Using various border punches of your choice, create strips with 3 or 4 different papers. Layer these borders onto the canvas and adhere with Modge Podge. Finally adhere the cut out alphabet onto the border-covered canvas with Modge Podge. Apply a generous coat of Modge Podge on top. Allow to dry overnight.

Decorate with two butterflies punched out from different patterned papers.