Book Page Wreath

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Book Page Wreath

Craft your own Book Page Wreath — just don't let the book lovers see!


1. Begin with a chipboard base. Cut wreath shape using the Amplify® Mixed Media Scissors.

2. Tear out pages from a book (from the dollar store is fine) and run a border punch along the straight edge of each page. You can use the pages at the size they come or trim down for a smaller wreath.


3. Now it's time to start gluing on your pages. Use a glue gun with a low temperature setting so you don't have to worry much about burning yourself. You can fold or roll each page any way you wish. Experimenting a little. The important thing is not to crease any folds so the wreath will be full. Roll the page in one time and accordion "folded" the rest. Then roll one so that text would be showing in front instead of the blank edge of the paper.


4. Glue sections along the edge of your wreath base being sure to get glue in between the layers. Once you have the perimeter covered, come back around with an overlapping layer, folding a "tab" over at the bottom of each section to glue on for fullness.


5. Once you get to the center, fold your tab through the center and glue to the back to cover the chipboard.

6. At this point you will want to go back and fill in spots with individual sections to get the wreath full and evenly spread. Just keep going until you're happy. It's quite addictive!

Supply List



Low temp glue gun and glue