Children’s Christmas Ornaments

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Childrens Christmas Ornaments

The holidays are a perfect time to get children involved in not only making ornaments, but making gifts too.

These ornaments are a perfect activity to welcome the season and to create some treasured art which can be used for gifts for grandparents or relatives. Children love to feel involved in holiday preparations and are also often very enthusiastic in participating in a craft that involves paint and glue!

My children made these ornaments and they largely decided on the colors and paint designs. It was nice to give them some autonomy with this project and I was pleased how seriously they took responsibility for making some beautiful creations.

We started with a set of 6 styrofoam balls that were purchased from our local craft store. We then cut strips from white tissue paper, which was leftover from some packaging of a shipment.

cutting strips

Next, I mixed some white glue with a small amount of water and my children ‘painted’ on the tissue paper with the white glue mixture. I encouraged them to build up several layers of tissue paper, with a generous spreading of glue. They found it helpful to balance the styrofoam balls in egg cups as they worked.

applying glue to styrofoam ball

After leaving the glue to fully dry for a couple of hours, they were ready to be decorated, stamped and painted. I inserted a wooden cocktail stick through the styrofoam to create a useful handle as my children worked on painting the ornaments.

insert a wooden toothpick into styrofoam ball
paint styrofoam balls

We left the painted ornaments to dry by inserting a second wooden cocktail stick and balancing them over some large cups.

paint drying

Once the paint was dry, my children wanted to put some finishing touches to their ornaments. We used some fun Fiskars Christmas stamp sets for sweet sentiments, as well as more paint and metallic markers.

stamping sentiments

To hang the ornaments on a Christmas tree I folded over a loop of decorative ribbon and attached it by inserting a pin through the ribbon and into the styrofoam and securing it with a dash of glue from a glue gun.

adding ribbon

We will present these ornaments as a grandparent gift in a decorative gift box with handwritten notes and Christmas messages from the children.

Supply List

Styrofoam Balls
Tissue paper
White glue
Wooden cocktail sticks
Small length of ribbon