DIY Photo Display with Dry Erase Speech Bubbles

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
Dry Erase Photo Display

This interactive photo clipboard brings photos to life with speech bubbles without tape on the walls.

Use stamping ink designed to stamp on slick surfaces

1. Purchase dry erase adhesive sheets from the craft store to make the speech bubbles. You will need to use stamping ink designed to stamp on slick surfaces, such as a StazOn solvent ink pad.
Also since it is a slick surface, it is easy for the stamp to slide around. A trick for getting a crisp image is to first stamp once on a scrap dry erase sheet (you can stamp over this one spot repeatedly throughout the project so you aren’t wasting a bunch of it) and then stamp a second time for your actual image. This will give you much more control. Stamp straight down and lift straight up. I also taped my dry erase sheet down to my work surface to be sure it wouldn’t shift while stamping.

Cut out the stamped speech bubbles leaving a border around the edge.

2. Cut out the stamped speech bubbles leaving a border around the edge. Then adhere the trimmed images to sturdy chipboard using Mod Podge (not on top of the dry erase surface). Allow to dry fully and cut out. Amplify® Mixed Media Shears are great for cutting sturdy chipboard.


3. Adhere patterned paper to a board of wood trimmed to desired length using Mod Podge. Allow to dry fully and trim off excess using a craft knife on a cutting mat. Paint wooden clothespins in a coordinating color and hot glue evenly along board. Hot glue a speech bubble to each clothespin. Now you are ready to get interactive with your photos!


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Supply List

Patterned paper by Authentique

Mod Podge

Dry Erase Adhesive Sheets