DIY Summer Patio Jar Lanterns

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
DIY Summer Patio Jar Lanterns

The beautiful mood lighting of lanterns at outdoor gatherings is fabulous, so why not craft up a set to use this summer.

Most of us as children have glued tissue paper bits to baby food jars, and this is the same concept but kicked up a notch with the help of paper punches!

For this set, you can use a honeycomb pattern (which is currently very popular), as well as create with some of Fiskars' AdvantEdge™ border punches to add high drama with little work.

Summer Patio Jars using Fiskars Hexagon Squeeze Punch to make shapes

Punches make this project very easy. Punch out a bunch of shapes from tissue paper. In order to punch through tissue paper, you will need to feed through many layers at once or the tissue will just tear. You can also feed a sheet of scrap paper through the punch with the tissue if needed. It depends on the softness of the tissue paper.

Summer Patio Jars decoupaging hexagons

Clean a jar thoroughly and remove all labels (this trio included a relish, pasta sauce, and mason jar). Add a layer of decoupage to the outside of the jar with a foam brush and add the punched tissue paper shapes in the desired design.
Add another layer of decoupage over the top of the tissue paper layer and allow it to dry. It will dry clear. Add a final top layer of decoupage to complete.


When punching a tissue paper border with the AdvantEdge™ Punch System, you will want to add a sheet of cardstock under the tissue paper when feeding through. For very intricate designs, do not start at the edge of the paper (as shown) since tissue paper is so soft.

Punch out the border from tissue paper and adhere around the jar with decoupage , following the same steps as the individual punched shapes above.

Summer Patio Jars making a handle with wire using the Fiskars Shopboss™

To add handles for hanging (or just to add more of a lantern feel without the intention of actually hanging), cut two pieces of wire with the Fiskars Shopboss™ Hardware Snip(length dependent on jar and desired handle size). One wire is for the handle and one to hold the handle on under the lip of the jar.  Attach the handle wire to the jar and wind the lip wire tightly around it under the lip of the jar. This way you can get the lip wire very tight without worrying about trying to slide in the handle wires. Double-wind the handle wire on each side of the jar.

For a whimsical look, spiral the remaining wire around something similar to a bamboo skewer instead of cutting. Double check that all wire is secure before hanging.

Summer Patio Lantern Jars

Add sand and a candle to each jar and enjoy the warm glow this summer.

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