Yarn Wrapped Wreath Ornaments

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Yarn Wrapped Wreath Ornaments

I created these yarn-wrapped wreaths to cover old frames that held my grandmother’s cross-stitch Christmas ornaments. This way, I turned some special, handmade ornaments into new again!


Yarn Ornament


Here’s what I did:

1. Take two pieces of yarn, either the same color or different colors and about 4 yards long, and wrap the yarn around the base and tie them in a knot.

2. Pull the short end of the yarn to the side, and then start wrapping the yarn around the ornament to the same side that had the short end (therefore covering up the short end of yarn).

3. Continue to wrap the yarn pieces around the base. 


Yarn Ornaments


When you are finished wrapping the base of the wreath ornament, tie a knot to secure the yarn to the ornament and cut off the excess yarn.

 4. Take one piece of yarn at about 8-12 inches long, and fold it into a loop. Tie a knot about 4 inches from the end of the yarn. Then tie the ends around the ornament. This will make a loop to hang from your Christmas tree.

5. Tie a bow of yarn around the ornament. Using an embroidery needle, and attach the bells, buttons, or other charms to the bow. Secure all charms to the ornament with a knot.

6. Hang from your Christmas tree, and sit back and admire your creative work while sipping hot chocolate!


Yarn Ornaments


Supply List

Round base (small wood frame or Styrofoam)




Embroidery needle

Embellishments: jingle bells, buttons, charms, etc.