Photo Organization

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner
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Photos, photos, photos! Now that we live in a digital age, we have so many photos of every event.

Organizing those photos can be an overwhelming task. Keeping photos organized on a computer can start with having everything arranged chronologically by date. And backing your digital photos up to an external hard drive, or photo-saving service online is good idea. What about printed photos? If you have stacks and stacks of printed photos, here is a project that will help organize those photos with some creativity and focus.


Photo book


After organizing my scrapbook products recently, I found that it is more productive having my paper and embellishments organized by theme. I decided that organizing my photos this way would give me a group of photos to work on scrapbook projects with. Then when the photos were gone, I could print more from my online gallery.


Photo organization


You can start this project today!


Just take a stack of photos and categorize them. Here is a list of categories or themes you could use. You will also have some of your own categories to add to this list:






Holidays and Traditions







And the list goes on!


Photo category "everyday"


Using the clear 4x6 boxes, you can label each box with what pictures can be found inside. Use your fun, paper crafting skills to make the photo holders creative or coordinate with your craft room.


Photo book organization


Photo book stand

These boxes are easily portable and can be taken to a crop or gathering of friends. Taking your printed photos out of their ordinary stacks and rearranging them in a way you will begin to use them again is a great start for getting your photos out and scrapbooking them!


Photo organization layout


Photo box

Supply List

4x6 clear photo boxes


patterned paper


letter stickers for labeling