Saving School Memories

  • Difficulty Rating: Beginner


Saving School Memories

As early as preschool, kids generate a TON of keepsake material.

Artwork, homework assignments, sports photos, report cards…the list goes on & on, and the papers can simply pile up. Tame the paper & preserve the memories with this easy filing system.

What you’ll need –

A plastic storage tub for each child – at any office supply store

Legal size hanging files

Assorted cardstock & patterned paper (this is a great way to use up scraps!)

Assign a tub for each child. Set up the filing system by assigning one hanging file for each grade. It’s that simple! Now you just need to establish an easy-to-follow process for using the filing system to your advantage:

Legal size hanging files

Homework Papers

Take some time to edit homework papers at the end of each week. Although tempting, there’s simply no need to keep every slip of paper. Focus on tests, essays, and your child’s best work. Anything that features handwriting will be treasured in years to come. Slip these papers into the grade file – no further filing is necessary!


As crafters, it’s SO hard to throw out children’s creative masterpieces! File away smaller pieces. For larger artwork (and/or 3D projects), snap a well-lit photograph. Display the actual art somewhere in the house for a month, then feel free to toss it (or share with grandparents!). Create a digital file by child, grade, and year on your hard drive. At the end of the year, burn a disc of photos & slip it into the file.

Sports Memories

Team photos, rosters, and newspaper clippings are terrific keepsakes to remember your child’s athletic achievements. Using a catalog size envelope (9x12), create a file-within-a-file for each sport. When the season is over, slip the envelope into the grade file.

Yearly Quizzes

Add a personal touch to each grade file by including an “interview” from the beginning & end of the year. At the beginning of the year, ask your child what they’re looking forward to, who they are friends with, and what they are nervous about. At the end of the year, ask about favorite classes, best memories, and what they’ll miss. It will be a blast to look back on their answers!

Creating a name plate

Other Papers

Hang onto event programs, school newsletters, and (of course!) report cards. Beyond these obvious keepsakes, think about including a book order form (I used to love those!), a month of cafeteria menus, assigned reading lists, and a class roster. You may want to ask your child’s teacher to write a quick end-of-year card or email to include in the file. With these easy organization tips, you’ll ALL be ready to go back to school!